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Our Mission

Dedicated to helping job seekers by providing career advice from HR professionals.   We provide advice based on practical experience.  Our approach, to take you into the interview room and give you a first hand look from the other side of the screening table.

Our Beliefs

Education is the key to finding employment and breaking the cycle of poverty.  Effective resume writing,  job search and interviewing skills are critical to finding the employment you desire.

Company History

After seeing so many qualified candidates bypassed due to a poor resume or bad interview, we decided to create this blog to share some of the finer techniques in effective job preparation.  Unlike the many HR folks and recruiters that secretly gripe about bad resumes and weak interviews, we decided to do something about it.

Having hired for many high profile employers in various industries including airlines, manufacturing, gaming, telecom, hospitality and so forth, we have seen first hand all the blunders, mistakes and effective methods used in resumes and job interviews.

Created by HR Pros, the GreatResumeExample blog, dedicated to topics related to help job seekers find employment from an HR perspective.

For job seekers, you can learn first hand how HR professionals screen out resumes, and what we look for in interviews. Get an HR opinion on today’s workplace issues and employment trends that affect your career.

For corporate HR professionals, this is a place to “talk shop” share your honest opinions and create a candid discussionSo to all our readers, please feel free to comment, ask questions, or suggest topics. Most importantly, thank you for visiting our blog.

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