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2010 Olmpic Hockey Prediction: A Canadian Goldrush

Team Canada Womens Hockey Gets Gold

Well done to the Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team for wining gold!  Team Canada Womens defeated the US Women’s Team tonight.  The Americans have a great hockey team, and it was a tough game but the Canadian Women were just too fast, strong and skilled for the American Women tonight.  And tonight here in Vancouver, BC, the city is overwhelmed with the feeling of the Olympic gold rush in hockey.

Canada Men’s Hockey Semi-Finals – Chasing the Gold Rush

Team Canada Men’s Hockey will play against Slovakia on Friday and the winner goes onto to the gold medal game on Sunday.  While Canada is the favourite, it would be foolish to count Slovakia out.  They earned their way to this point and with a hot goaltender it’s anybody’s game right now.

Being a proud Canadian, I am of course, cheering for team Canada.  I think team Canada’s chance for gold is really good, if we keep Luongo in goal. If our defense needs to remain solid and control the turnovers, we should have double gold in olympic hockey come Sunday.

As long as Luongo stops the shots he can see and our defensemen don’t turnover the puck carelessly, we can win gold.  I say this because team Canad has such a strong offense.  We have out shot every team we have played against.  This means the game is usually played in the other end.  In addition, the wins are usually very high scoring, again pointing to the offensive potency.  With this kind of offense, we don’t necessarily need a killer goal tender and fortress of a defense to beat our opponents.

The prediction, team Canada men’s hockey will beat Slovakia on Friday and advance to the finals.  I also predict team USA to defeat Finland to advance where they will meet team Canada.  Canada will have a second chance to avenge their loss to team USA from the preliminary round.  And it will be payback!  Canada will get double gold in Olympic hockey.

photo by debs