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5 Tips to Make It through the Holidays at Work

With the holidays in full motion now and through the beginning of the year, people’s stress levels are rising. To make this season’s celebrations more enjoyable, try these tips for surviving the holidays at work:

  1. Plan Your Time Off In Advance

It’s not a good idea to call in sick just to get a day off. It will appear suspicious and may count against you during your employee review. While the holidays are a time for parties and socializing, it’s also a busy time for many companies. Avoid putting your supervisor in the position of having to juggle several employees who are all requesting the same or last minute days off.

  1. Be Considerate Of Your Co-Workers

Avoid going crazy with the holiday decorations. Leave the noisy dancing snowman at home, along with anything that is scented. These items can cause a distraction to your co-workers and even medical issues for those with allergies. The holidays can be a festive time, but don’t forget that your productivity must not drop due to distractions. Further, not everyone may be celebrating the holidays due to religious preferences.

  1. Attend the holiday work functions

You may be tempted to skip it, but you should attend holiday work events such as your holiday party or other work holiday events, especially if you aspire to work your way up the ladder at your organization. It’s a work function, so show up on time, be social and act professionally. Don’t forget to thank senior management for hosting the event before you leave.

  1. Don’t overspend on gifts to co-workers

Most people prefer to keep the gift giving only to friends or family, so if you decide on giving any gifts to co-workers, keep them modest. You can also do something for your department, such as baking or buying a holiday dessert that everyone can enjoy. Keep in mind that you are not required to give your boss a gift. Even if your boss gives you a gift, you should never be expected to reciprocate.

  1. Mind your health

The holidays can become hectic and stressful between professional and personal responsibilities. To keep energy high and your immune system healthy, target seven to eight hours of sleep each night and exercise.  Some ways to sneak in exercise include using the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the office and bundle up for a walk outside each day after eating lunch. Take mini breathers and stretch while working. And finally, be sure to get a good night’s sleep.

Staying positive and avoiding distractions or negative habits can help you stay focused and motivated to help you stay on top or work. It can also help bring you peace that will help you get through the holiday season at work and in your personal life.

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