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Accountant Resume Tips


How do you go about writing a great accountant resume? First you have to understand the job, the main responsibilities, key requirements and core traits required to succeed in this position.

Not matter which country, accountants ensure that financial information is measured, disclosed or reported in accordance with accepted accounting principles and tax laws.  Without accountants, managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision makers would not able to make sound decisions when it comes to resource allocation.

There are many specializations when it comes to accounting.  Accountants may perform some of the following:

  • Advise the starting of a business
  • Purchase and sale of business, including valuing a business
  • Business planning and financial projections
  • Developing strategies for securing financing
  • Corporate and personal income tax planning
  • Information technology need analysis
  • Assurance (audits and reviews)
  • Preparation and analysis of financial information
  • Acting as Trustee for receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Developing management controls
  • Management consulting
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support

In addition, not all accountants have the same designation.  Some accountant are Certified General Accounts or CGA, some are Certified Management Accountants or CMA’s, and some are Chartered Accountants or CA’s.  More recently, the CA, CMA and CGA have merged in Canada and are now simply known as CPA’s or Chartered Professional Accountants.  Now that we discussed the different kinds of accountants and what an accountant does in their work, let’s cover tips on how to write a great accountant resume.

Show Your Best Side

How can you write a great accountant resume that will help capture an employer’s attention?  A great accounting resume example should quickly show an employer the knowledge, skills and abilities required in an ideal candidate. Abilities such as analytical and critical thinking, strong business acumen,detail orientation is critical to the job.

In addition to the requisite education and training such as the CMA, CGA and CA that we discussed, great Accountant resume should have qualities that define an applicant and make them unique.

Ask yourself what makes me special and better than the next applicant? You may want to highlight your unique skills and background.  Perhaps you have a strong understanding and background on technology.  Maybe you are an accountant with strong leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. These type of skills can really make your accounting resume much more attractive to an employer.

Personalize Your Job Application

Many accounting professionals don’t know how to write an accounting resume that highlights the key soft skills.  Why is this important?  It is much easier to teach an accountant a new valuation technique than than to teach interpersonal skills.  In other words, smart employers know that they can train you on work procedures and policies very easily.  However, they can’t teach you persuasiveness, patience, warmth, enthusiasm required to be great accountant.  So here is a tip for your accountant resume; emphasize your personality traits that make you unique and good at your job.

How Would Others Describe You?

Many accountant resumes under utilize the power of a testimonial.  A testimonial from a former employer, accounting firm, and so forth can go a long way to impressing a potential employer.  In addition make a point to keep any letters of recommendation, notes of appreciation or recognition, and performance reviews.  These documents can be an invaluable source of resume testimonials when applying for a job.

Measured Success

It boggles my mind that I need to give this next accountant resume tip. I have seen many many accounting resumes that lack quantified resume accomplishments. Accountants quantify everything with numbers so you would think that they would do the same with their resume.  So if you haven’t done so already, quantify your achievements.  Put numbers around how much money you have saved the company, the amount by which you have improved cashflow, the performance measures of your department.  Quantifying your accounting resume achievements will show an employer a glimpse of how much they stand to benefit if they would hire you.