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Accounts Payable Resume

Are  you good at keeping track of the bills paid at home?  Wouldn’t it be great if you can do this for a living?  Well you can, earn a better income and do a job you love by getting into a great career as an Accounts Payable professional.

Let’s talk about creating your best Accounts Payable resume today. First of all, you want to make sure that the outline of the template that you’re using is really easy to read. Now, generally for undergraduates, you’re going to want a one page Accounts Payable resume. For graduates and beyond, it can be more than one page. Look at it and make sure it’s utilizing things like, it’s using bold, italicized, you’re using bullets and things like that, that way it’s easier for the reader. One thing you have to remember is that recruiters typically only have 15-20 seconds to look over your document, so you want it to be easy to read for them.

Under education in your AP resume, if you are going to include that, if you’ve been to college, graduate school, any higher education past high school, you want include any of those experiences. Make sure you include the name of the accounting classes or school, any majors, degrees, and some companies and schools ask for GPAs, others may not. That might be a time when you would want to look at the requirements for where you’re applying. If you haven’t yet been to college, then you should include any high school information, and GED information, anything of that sort.

Another great way to build your credibility as an AP professional is join a professional association or to write an article for an AP publication.

To help you achieve your career goals and earn a better income, we present a few awesome Accounts Payable resume samples.  Use these free resume samples to land your next AP job.