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Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Resumes

Office manager, admin assistant, administrative manager, whatever you want to call them. This position is the one that keeps everything organized and in order to typical office. Today we will look at what makes a great administrative support resume. In this article, you will learn practical tips for improvements, see sample wording for your admin assistant sample resume. You will learn how to differentiate your self from the other applicants.

Use of Pronouns in Admin Assistant Resumes

Another tip is to not use a personal pronoun meaning I, me, my, I did this.  Instead, you want to use abbreviated speak in your Administrative Assistant resume.  And talk about instead of “I helped third graders with projects.”  You want to say Helped third graders with projects.”  That’s going to be a way that you’re going to shorten your resume and that way it sounds a lot more professional as well.

Education and Training

In the education section of your administrative assistant resume, you should be highlighting any kind of training and education that you have related to the admin support or clerical support. Certificates and admin assistant of programs are available at local community colleges. Ensure that that you list these items in the education section in your sample administrative assistant resume.

You also want to include education related to software courses, business software courses, web development, design and media, etc. Every person graduating from and admin assistant or an office management program will have the basics in terms of knowing how to use for example, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. If you have training in that MS office products make sure you include that in your resume and specify the level of your training. State your level of proficiency, that is for example to say beginner, intermediate, advanced. If you happen to have additional training such as website management, website developments, or if you know HTML make sure you include this training. This goal in your administrative assistant resume is to stand out from the crowd. Every company has a website today and for many who cannot afford a webmaster or full-time dedicated website developer to manage the company website, usually it falls on the administrative support person to manage the company website.

Computer Skills Separate Admin Assistant Resumes

The other item that Admin Assistant resumes should include is experience of image editing software. Show the employer a sample of the software you can use for example, experience with Photoshop, and In Design is really attractive for employers. Especially for the smaller employer who just need their company logo resized and so forth. An administrative assistant who has experience in Photoshop or InDesign means an employer does not have to send out the image file to a graphic designer every time they want a small modification.

So I would emphasize, if you’ve got computer skills, which I’m sure all of you as Office Professionals do, you still want to tell me, because I can’t assume anything.  I may have a resume from one person that lists seven or eight different computer programs, multimedia programs with which he or she is familiar.  I might get another resume that has nothing on there.  The resume with nothing on there, that person might be more qualified than the person who lists the skills, but I don’t know it.  Don’t assume, again, that they’re young, so they must have all these computer skills.  Two lines, three lines in your resume is well worth it to list those as your skills.

This How Well Can You Juggle?

The admin assistant or AA role requires the ability to manage many many tasks all simultaneously. Often the administrative assistant will have to handle multiple simultaneous demands, pulling him or her in various different directions. Great administrative assistants know how to prioritize, and balance a hectic schedule. Make sure that your resume speaks to this ability to multi-task. For example, “Supported high-volume sales office for over 15 sales managers“, shows that you can handle a busy environment. Alternatively, “Supported 10 customer service managers, handled customer escalation. Triage and prioritized issues “, gives a sample of how you can handle the heat.

The Face of the Office

Often the administrative assistant is often the first person or first point of contact for many clients, customers, and so forth. In this way, they are known or seen as the face of the company. Smart employers know and understand this, as such, they look for administrative assistants who are “friendly, warm, with a great disposition“. Make sure that you display your people skills in your administrative assistant resume. Reinforce your image as a professional who provides prompt and courteous service. A great place to do this using your sample resume profile or resume skills summary. If for example, “Professional, polite and courteous” is a great bullet on an admin support resume. Also in your resume summary, a sample resume testimonial from a former employer to speak to your people skill can go a long way in making your resume stand out from the crowd.

For more ideas on how you can improve your resume, feel free to browse our administrative assistant sample resumes for yourself.