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Airport Scanner Employees Needed – Voyeurs Apply Now!

Finding Work You Love

When I was completing my bachelors degree in university, I recall in one university psychology class my prof said, “that there is a high incidence of people working in shoe stores and foot fetishes.”   My professor, a PhD in Psychology, who also had a counseling therapy practice to treat paraphilias among other issues, explained that those with a foot fetish (typically men) somehow found themselves working in a woman’s shoe store.

Hire a Peeping Tom Today

Major airports have introduced full body scanners to improve security and combat terrorist attacks.  I wonder what percentage of these individuals looking at the scanned images are voyeurs? Not that I support this kind of exploitation but you have to admit there is some similarity between a voyeur and body scanner attendant.  Both peep at other’s naked form from behind a window.

Could you imagine if one of these employees was named, “Tom” as in “peeping Tom”.  The airport announcements could go, “Would Tom, please report to scanner lane #1 and peep at nude people from behind a window”.

List of American Airports Using Scanners

ABQ(Albuquerque)ATL (Atlanta)BWI (Baltimore)

CLE (Cleveland)

DCA (Washington DC)

DEN (Denver)

DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth)

DTW (Detroit)

IAH (Houston)

IND (Indianapolis)

JAX (Jacksonville)

JFK (New York City)

LAS (Las Vegas)LAX (Los Angeles)MIA (Miami)

PHX (Phoenix)

RDU (Lafayette)

ROC (Little Rock)

RIC (Richmond, Va)

SFO (San Francisco)

SLC (Salt Lake City)

TPA (Tampa)

TUL (Tulsa)

Canadian Airports with Scanners

Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)

Edmonton (YEG)

Winnipeg (YWG)Toronto (YYZ)

Montreal (YUL)

Ottawa (YOW)

Hire a Peeping Tom Today

As an HR person, I know that most employers hire for skill but fire for attitude.  The reason for dismissal is often due to a lack of fit between the job and the person.  If I was the HR person or staffing agency and needed to hire, I think the ad would go something like this:  “Airport Scanner Employees Needed – Voyeurs Apply Now!