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Bank Resume

This article will cover resume writing tips and offer helpful suggestions for your bank resume.  These  practical “how to” tips are guaranteed to improve your bank resume whether you are applying for a job as a bank teller or bank manager.  In addition, we provide great sample resume wording for the banking industry.

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

Banking Is A Service

Sometimes we forget the most basic things when writing resumes – remember that a bank provides service to it’s customers.  As such your sample bank resume should focus on customer service and provide examples in your resume to demonstrate this.  Here you will gain a huge advantage over the other applicants if you showcase your interest and proven track record in customer service.

Start by incorporating your customer service orientation in your resume objective.  For example, your resume objective can be something like, “To apply my proven customer service experience within a team oriented banking environment“.  Another option is work in a customer focus within your resume summary or profile.  Here is a sample of for a great first line for your bank resume summary could be:  “Customer-focused Banking Professional with over 5 years of experience…..“.  This example shows that by incorporating service focused wording into your bank resume objective and summary, you will immediately “brand” yourself as a bank employee who cares about it’s customers.

In addition to telling the bank manager that you care about customers you should also showcase the accomplishments you have earned in the service area.  So include any awards, recognition, sample resume testimonials or letters of recommendation you have earned from your great service.  So what if you did not get or keep your formal awards?  Even including accomplishments like “Greeted over 200 customers with a smile by name…” This sample resume wording shows in a very simple way how you would treat their customers should they hire you.

Dealing with Public

Again related to the customer service tips above, your bank resume should also give examples of your ability to handle the public effectively.  By this I mean highlight your experience dealing with people from various backgrounds, cultures, speaking different languages.  So if you do not have any experience in the banking industry, provide a sample of your earlier work experience.  It could be from volunteering, restaurant and hospitality and so forth where you worked with the public.  And if you do happen to speak or understand another language then it would be very beneficial to include a sample of the languages you speak in your bank resume.

Focus on Management Competencies in Banking

If you are applying as a bank manager, then not only consider the resume tips above but also make sure you highlight core bank manager skills in your resume.  The sample core competencies as a bank manager include, the ability to motivate a team, setting sales and service goals, coaching poor performance, handling conflict between tellers or with customers.  Again if you are applying for work as a bank manager or assistant bank manager, mention the results accomplished under your leadership.  For example, if you grew your portfolio size as a lender include this in your sample bank resume.  Likewise, if you improved the customer service scores as a bank manager then make sure you include this in your resume.  The following sample resume wording is great for a bank position:

“Grew lending portfolio and customer base by 35%”

Integrity and Honesty Cannot Be Trained in Banking

It goes without saying in todays post-enron type corporate scandals that honesty and integrity is paramount – this is especially true in banking.  Having said this make sure your resume mentions your adherence to bank procedures or banking processes.  For example in your bank resume skills summary, be sure to mention “honest, reliable and acts with integrity“.  Reinforce this message with examples in your resume where you handled cash and always balanced.

Until your next bank job application, I wish you much luck and success in your banking career.  Feel free to check out the sample bank resumes on this site for more ideas and sample resume wording specific to the banking industry.