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Call Center Agent Resume

What The Job Does

Call-center agents are part of the customer service family of job group.  Often the front-line worker that receives phone calls that are both incoming and outgoing, call-center agents must handle a variety of matters relating to customer service.  Anything from billing issues, order processing, and service support.  Today we discuss what makes a great call-center agent resume.  In this article we provide suggestions, resume templates, and sample resume phrases.

Talking and Typing

Call-center reps working in both inbown and outbound call centers often are tasked to meet department statistics and goals.  The key to a CSR meeting these goals is high productivity.  Great call-center reps or sometimes known as CSR’s have the ability to talk and type.  The ability to type while talking and taking a call you greatly enhances productivity so make sure that you outline your ability to talk and type in your call centre resume when applying for a CSR job.  Include your typing speed and make sure that you outline your ability to talk and type on the first page of your resume.  A great place to speak to this in your CSR resume is in your resume profile located on the top half of the first page of your resume.  For example, “90 wpm, comfortable typing while talking” is a great sample call center resume phrase.  To make your resume that much stronger, build a section at the end titled, skills list.  By creating a section called skills list, on the last page of your resume to reinforce your typing and talking (and other skills) you will create a lasting final impression on the call-center manager.

Second Languages

Call center CSR’s handle queries from customers of all backgrounds and who speak various languages.  Call centre agents who speak other languages are very much sought after by customer service managers.  Make sure that you list the languages that you speak in your CSR resume.  Describe the languages that you speak including your proficiency level and number of years.  For example, “Native French speaker” or “Intermediate Spanish, with 15 years experience.” This way is a more powerful way of showing your language, rather than just simply stating French and English under languages spoken.

Are You A People Person?

Call center agents must deal with people.  It is not on common depending on the call-center and the nature of the work for a CSR to handle 40 to 80 or even more calls a day.  Often CSR’s must handle irate customers and help solve customer service problems.  As such, it is very important for you to highlight your interpersonal skills and people related skills and so forth.  Key phrases and buzzwords that you want to include in your CSR resume our, “conflict resolution, empathic listener, empathetic, patient warm and friendly”.  Again you can use and incorporate these key phrases in the skills summary or resume profile section on your CSR resume.  The other option is that you incorporate these phrases in your cover letter to open up your application and create a strong initial impression.

Conflict resolution, this is really much like what we had already talked about in regards interpersonal skills.  Again, we’re stressing listening skills here because call-center reps need to be good listeners.  Call center agents deal with the public and so is very important that you really highlight areas from your previous work experience dealing with the public.  So even if you worked in a retail store as retail sales associate it would be very good to include this in your call center representative resume.  Instead of saying “I sold widgets at store” ask really get descriptive on the listening skills aspect of that job.  For example, here is a great sample call center resume phrase if you were working in a retail sales environment, indicate something like, “listened to customer requirements and recommended a solution.”

Don’t Be a Statistic

The managers of call centers have one main focus and that is to meet their call-center stats or key performance indicators.  Call center managers spend hours a looking at their call center KPI’s, departmental customer service standards, staffing levels, to ensure that they can maintain a specified level of customer service.  Show the call center manager that you can meet department goals and prove to them that you will not be one of those employees struggling to meet standards.  List examples in your call centre resume of when you have met goals or targets from your previous work experience.  Ideally you will draw from sales or customer service type roles.  For example, here is a great sample call center resume phrase, “exceeded sales targets, and earned top customer service award and departments.” By listing achievements and examples of when you had received department targets and goals you will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you will deliver in your role as a customer service agent.  9 out of 10 call center representative resume do not list stats, so don’t be a statistic.