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Canadian Immigration Tips and Working in Canada

We get many job seekers from all over the world contacting us to get more information on how to work in Canada.  While GreatResumeExample does not focus on immigration, we can provide tips to foreign workers on how to find work once you have landed.  We do however partner with trusted immigration consulting companies with expertise in this area.  I am pleased to present this course on immigration by H1.  While it is primarily for employers to teach them how to recruit foreign workers, I think it is great for anyone wanting to learn more about how to work in Canada and get the employer’s perspective.

Anyway, it truly is a great course on learning how to immigrate and work in Canada.  Probably one of the best I have seen, but of course I would advise if you are seriously considering a move to Canada, that you contact a government immigration officer or agency for the latest information.
If you are wanting to join the Canadian workforce, It is important to be aware of the customs here in Canada.  It might be worthwhile to become familiar with the work culture in North America.  This is where I have seen many foreign workers fall short.  For example, in North America we generally do not include photos, date of birth and religious beliefs in your resume.  In contrast, this is common practice in other parts of the world such as India.

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