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Canadians work longer than Amercians

An employment survey conducted by Statistics Canada, the University of Maryland and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that Canadians work longer than Americans, have less leisure time and spend more hours commuting to their job.


On average, the Canadian worker faces a 37 hour work week compared to a 33 hour work week for Americans. The average commute for Canadians is 3.5 hours compared to 2.5 for Americans. These statistics highlight the ever important work-life balance issues present to today’s work place. It is easy to see that the impact of this kind of trend is burnout, turnover and claims. At a recent recruitment and staffing conference, David Aplin presented employment data that confirmed flexibility as one aspect job seekers were looking for in their next job. In one study conducted at a national Canadian communications company, approximately 60% of employees report that their “workplace stress is manageable” and that “there is appropriate work-life balance” respectively. What are the employment implications for the 40% who feel they cannot maintain a healthy work-life balance or their job stress is not manageable? Either they find a way to manage or reduce their stress, or maybe it’s time for them to update their resume., Candidate Preparation Software