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Passive Job Search Applicants

When your internal recruitment and staffing database does not have the talent you need, you do what do most recruiters and staffing agents do. You turn to the job boards searching for resumes or post a job ad hoping that your prayer will be answered. For professional recruiters this strategy often does not result in the top candidates especially considering the time required to search the thousands of resumes on job boards. As well another drawback to this approach is you may be inundated with hundreds of applications in response to your job ad. What’s more, providing candidates that the employer can find by posting on a job board or searching it’s resume bank only communicates that your service is a low value commodity. When you can find qualified candidates that employers cannot find themselves, you elevate your value proposition (And employers do pay attention to the quality of candidates that you send to them, those eliminated from a vendor list should know).
More and more, successful headhunters are tapping into the passive candidate pool. Here is an interesting article how to tap into passive candidates and focus your search to save you time. This is a great article for recruiters, headhunters, staffing agents and those in the employment industry.


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