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Be Friendly, But Don’t Be Friends With Your Coworkers!

When it comes to the people you work with, it’s best to be friendly, but not friends. At least not bosom buddies. If you want to advance farther in your career, keep these sage words in mind and don’t be friends with your co-workers. Some people may consider this sound bit of advice anti-social. After all, most people spend more time with their co-workers than with their family. And while that may be true, it’s a whole different dynamic. In a family structure, you are building a life together. Not so in a friendship. When things are going smoothly in a friendship, everyone is happy and gets along. It’s when the friendship ends, that the war can begin and take fellow employees hostage.

You Care, So You Share

This is what causes many of the problems among co-workers who are friends. While the friendship is going on, you share:

  • Money talks, including salary and financial status.
  • Sexual history.
  • Family problems.
  • Health issues.
  • Confidential details of your job performance reports or reviews.

In friendships where you are not sharing an employer, these topics will not typically cause problems at work. Even if you have a friend at work you trust, it might be a good idea to keep some things to yourself. And besides, over sharing may be causing your friend to feel uncomfortable. Another reason to keep personal information, well—personal.

Too Close For Comfort

The main problem with getting too close to co-workers is that fact that most friends come and go. That includes friends who are co-workers. People who become friends with co-workers eat together, shop together and even plan activities beyond work hours. When one person’s priorities changes, such as a new promotion at work or additional family responsibilities, the other person feels left out. The other friend feels snubbed and may become resentful. And should you have issues with your friend, do you really want everyone to know you are considering bankruptcy or have a particular sex fetish?

Why Employers Have Mixed Feelings

Employers start raising their brows over co-worker friendships when there is too much chit chat and not enough focus on the job. Work can become an unprofessional environment from the view of an employer.

And while many may think that having a friend at work may lead to promotions, ironically, having a friend in the office can create resentment from others. Other co-workers may feel that you are getting preferential treatment. Allowing yourself to get too close with someone at work

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