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Coffee Shop Barista Resume Tips

In today’s article we are going to talk about what makes a good sample coffee shop barista resume.  We will provide great sample resume wording for Starbucks coffee shop barista, front counter, counter person positions.  Before we proceed, I think it’s important to think about what a coffee barista does.  Let’s face it, the coffee shop barista is not rocket science (And hopefully that’s not what attracts you to this kind of job).  Likely you want to be a Starbucks coffee shop barista because you enjoy dealing with the public and putting a smile on your customer’s faces.  So make sure this is evident on your sample coffee barista resume if you want to land that interview.

Can’t Teach Friendliness

Smart coffee shop owners, and franchises such as Blenzs coffee shop, Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Seattle’s Best understand that the key to success is fast, friendly service.  So it is critical that you indicate on your resume that you are friendly and that you put a smile on people’s faces, and so on.  A great place to mention your friendliness and warmth is in your cover letter or perhaps in the skills summary or resume profile section of your sample resume.  For example, “Warm, friendly, a real people-person”.  These are the kind buzzwords that you want to put into your Starbucks Barista resume.  Be creative of, for example, you could say that “Remembers and greets all customers by name”.  By inserting a sample bullet like that on your resume, will really impress any coffee shop manager and large coffee franchise.

Mr. And Ms. Clean

Your moms said that, “cleanliness is next to godliness”, well guess what?  She was right.  In the food and beverage industry, being a clean and tidy is vital to success.  After all, who wants to have a sandwich prepared by somebody with dirty nails?  So make sure that you including your sample Starbucks Barista resume some bullet points that mention your ability to maintain a tidy work area, the in organized, and so on.  If you are dropping off your resume in person, then make sure that you do have a neat and tidy look when you drop off your resume at the local Starbucks or Seattle’s Best.  I am not saying that you need to wear an IBM blue suit with short parted hair.  What I’m saying is, look appropriate for the place that you’re applying and ensure that you look neat, tidy and clean.  Suppose you are applying to an artsy and funky new coffee shop.  It may be okay to have dreadlocks or tattoos and nose rings.  Just make sure that you showered and your nails are clean and so forth.  If you have long hair it may be a really appropriate style for socializing or going to nightclubs or the bar, etc.  But when you apply for work, make sure that that your hair is tied back.  Would you want to find a long hair in your sandwich or coffee?

Life In The Fast Lane

When I think back to the Starbucks coffee shops and fast food restaurants I’ve managed some of my best employees were not only friendly and but they could also multitask and work under pressure.  The popular coffee franchises like Starbucks or fast food restaurants like Tim Horton’s get quite hectic and busy.  To be successful in these coffee shops, would be barista’s need to highlight the ability to thrive in busy environments.  Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Caribou Coffee look for people who can thrive under pressure and respond well in fast-paced environments.

Again be creative, instead of saying just “I’m friendly” in your in your resume profile.  Here is a great sample resume phrase for a coffee baristaa real people person or an “extrovert who loves to put a smile of the customer’s face” or “outgoing and upbeat with a bubbly personality”.  These are all excellent sample resume phrases for  that paints a picture and provides a sample of the kind of a person that you are.


Coffee Shop University

A strong barista sample resume will contain education and experience that is relevant to the coffee shop industry.  So if you took any high school courses for bartending or food safe, make sure that you indicate this on your barista resume.  Education related to home ec or food prep is important their other courses that may also be relevant to your position as a Starbucks Barista.  And if you speak the language that is predominant in a particular neighbourhood, then include that on your resume as well.  Likewise, you may have first-aid training.  First-aid training is very important in the food and beverage industry and hiring managers definitely would love to have an employee with first aid training.

Other Barista Qualities

What if you are already an experienced coffee shop barista?  Make sure to include examples of coffee barista competitions that you’ve entered or awards you have received.  Coffee barista contests are held in every major city.  Getting involved in this kind of competition would be very beneficial to your sample barista resume.  You don’t even have to win.  Sure, it would be great if you came in first place in the North American Starbucks coffee barista championships but you don’t have to.  Even if you volunteered in the event and you can put that onto your resume, just to the that alone will catch attention of any high profile coffee shop.  So until next time, good luck and much success in your search for a job as coffee shop barista.