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Starbucks Barista and Coffee Shop Counter Person Resume Tips

What Makes A Good Starbucks Barista Resume?

This site contains hundreds of posts with resume tips along with sample resumes.  While I cannot cover every aspect of what makes a good Starbucks Barista resume, I will discuss a few of the major points below.

Starbucks Barista Resume Tip #1:  Know the Job Requirements For A Starbucks Barista

To write a professional Starbucks Coffee Shop Barista resume, it’s good to remind ourselves of what the job actually does  Sometimes, it is easy to forget what our job really requires because we do it everyday.  By reminding yourself what your does, you focus on the personality traits, knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed to be a good Starbucks Barista, and get yourself into the right frame of mind needed to write your Starbucks Barista resume.

For example, when I write a Starbucks Barista resume, this is what comes to mind for this type of work.

Starbucks Baristas great customers with a smile, take orders and payment accurately,  prepares food, sandwiches, drinks, portion and wrap food or place it directly on plates for service to patrons, and package take-out food.  Stock refrigerators and salad bars and keep records of the quantities of food used and Keep their workplace and floor area clean and neat..

Starbucks Barista Resume Tip #2:  Highlight Core Starbucks Barista Competencies

Knowing the traits required for your Starbucks Barista job, is important because a professional Coffee Shop Counter Person or Starbucks Barista sample resume highlights the core competencies required of the job.  Core competencies are like the essential traits required to be successful for Starbucks Barista work.  In other words, a good Starbucks Barista sample resume should highlight traits like friendly, outgoing, a “real people person”, able to handle cash accurately, neat, clean and organized, knowledge of safe food handling, the ability to work in a fast-pace environment, customer service orientation and so forth.

Starbucks Barista Resume Tip #3:  Focus on Your Accomplishments In Customer Service

Let’s face it, employers want employees who can deliver results.  So in your Starbucks Barista resume, mention career accomplishments that highlight the job competencies .  This means you need to give examples of where your friendly, outgoing, organization and so forth decreased cost, improved efficiency, service and so forth.  Mention awards and recognition you earned as a Starbucks Barista.  But don’t limit yourself to just formal awards and recognition.  For example, include work achievements where you may not have received an award like a letter of appreciation or commendation.

If your work as a Starbucks Barista or Coffee Shop Counter Person is not easily measured then use social evidence such as testimonials and references to demonstrate your accomplishments on your resume.  A quote from a former employer inserted in your resume can show any employer that you are the one to hire.

Starbucks Barista Resume Tip #4:  Don’t Be A Needle In The Haystack

Most employers today use software programs to manage and search resumes.  Employers run job title queries in their resume database to find candidates with previous experience.  Because of this, the job title you list in your Starbucks Barista resume can greatly impact resume searchability.  So make sure your Starbucks Barista resume contains job titles and key terms that are commonly searched.  For more on how the job titles listed in your resume can affect your chances for landing your next job interview, check out our article “Don’t Get Pigeon Holed By Your Resume”.

Starbucks Barista Related Job Titles Commonly Searched By Employers

airline food assembler
attendant, cafeteria-buffet
attendant, food service counter
attendant, take-out – fast food
bar helper
bartender helper
bus boy/girl
cafeteria counter attendant
cafeteria helper
cafeteria worker
cafeteria-buffet attendant
camp cook’s helper
camp lunchroom attendant
caterer helper
cook’s helper
cook’s helper, camp
cookee, logging camp
counter attendant – food service
counter attendant, cafeteria
counter attendant, lunchroom
counter attendant, restaurant
counterperson – food services
dessert maker
dessert preparer
dietary aide
dining room assistant
dining room attendant
dishwashing machine attendant
donut shop attendant
donut shop clerk
donut shop counter clerk
doughnut shop attendant
doughnut shop clerk
doughnut shop counter clerk
drive-in food service attendant
expediter – food services
fast-food preparer
fast-food service attendant
fish and chips preparer
food and beverage service runner assistant
food assembler – fast food
food concession worker
food counter attendant
food preparer
food runner
food service attendant
food service counter attendant
food service helper
food service worker
fountain attendant
helper, bar
hospital meal attendant
hospital tray carrier
ice cream counter attendant
kitchen helper
logging camp cookee
lunchroom counter attendant
lunchroom counterman/woman
meal attendant, hospital
pot washer
restaurant counter attendant
salad and sandwich maker
salad bar attendant
salad maker
sandwich maker
sandwich, salad and dessert maker
silverware cleaner
snack bar attendant
soda fountain attendant
steam table attendant – food services
take-out attendant – fast food
tray carrier attendant, hospital
tray carrier, hospital