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Five Comments That Will Annoy Your Boss Every Time

Even if you work in the most laid back environment and have a unique, warm and fuzzy relationship with your boss, there are five comments that will irritate your boss, every single time! So unless you want to be ex-communicated, or learn how to annoy your boss, avoid these five comments.

1) “I have no idea.”

When your boss asks you a question, it’s because they don’t know the answer and are relying on you find the right answer. A better and more productive sounding response is, “I am not sure, but I can find out.” Make sure to follow through on that promise. Bosses don’t expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to show initiative and try to find an answer to their question.

2) Ask any question that can be found on the Internet

The flip side of not knowing an answer to a question from your boss is expecting him or her to have all the answers; especially to questions that are easily researched and found on the Internet. If you want to how to not annoy your boss, take a look at the questions below.  Examples of questions you can find on your own include:

  • “ How do I create a meeting on my calendar?”
  • “ What is the name of the CEO?”
  • “What are the directions to the presentation?”

Asking your boss makes you look incompetent. Doing a little research and getting the information on your own will show your boss that you are a self-starter who can be counted on to get the job done. If after doing research you still can’t find an answer, let your boss know you tried to find out and if he or she can steer you in the right direction.

3) “That’s not in my job description.”

When you make this comment to your boss, or anyone on your team, you are not showing teamwork and flexibility. A successful employee knows that in addition to your job, you will need to pitch in to do tasks that are beyond the call of duty, so to speak. By chipping in your efforts, you will learn a new skill and will show your employer that you are willing and capable to take on any task given to you. And that’s the kind of employee an organization will promote.

4) “I don’t have any work more to do. Can I leave early?”

This comment definitely is a pet peeve of any boss, sure to annoy any employer. Viewpoint of the typical boss is that there is always something to do. A better approach when you run out of your normal tasks is to ask if there’s anything else you can do. That puts the ball in the court of your boss and lets your boss know you are proactive in your role in the organization.

5) “I don’t need you to teach me.”

Proceed with caution when making this comment to your supervisor, this one will annoy even the most patient boss. It’s good to know how to perform a job but it’s another thing to think you already know all there is to learn at or about your job. It comes across as arrogant and inflexible at learning new skills that may improve your job performance.

A final note: When you communicate with your boss, you are reflecting your communication and job skills. Make sure you are portraying yourself as a professional that can be counted on in your current position or any future position.

It’s equally important to make sure that you do not make these or similar comments on social media or post anywhere where your boss can view.

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