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Customer Service Resume

Customer Service Resume

What makes a great customer service resume insert? After all, it’s not easy to sum up your warm personality and described your mentor with people on a piece of paper. Today we cover the key components to writing a great resume for the customer service industry. We will cover what to put in your customer service CV to get you noticed and onto the shortlist for job interview. I invite you to read the client care resume tips in this article and also to review the free customer service resume templates that we have on


The ability to speak many languages is very beneficial in customer service. Having another language on your resume will help differentiate you from your competitors. Often those who speak another language include this at the very end of the resume, is critical that language abilities are inserted at the beginning of your customer service resume. Even speaking or being able to read another language just a little bit goes a long way in catching the attention of a client care manager.

If you do speak, or write, or read another language make sure that you also speak to your level of proficiency. The lasting you want to do is to be caught embellishing your language ability. Many employers administer language tests to determine proficiency so be prepared to back up your claim.

Computer Proficiency

In today’s day and age, you would think most everyone know how to use a computer. Unfortunately, I have hired many customer service staff who struggled with computer applications. Comfort and familiarity with the keyboard and computers greatly help your productivity and success in customer service. All companies use software systems to track customer contact, accounts and so on. So make sure that you include the list of software packages that you not operate. Mention your typing speed, but do not embellish because most employers do conduct type testing. Lastly, make sure that you include things like if you have experience with Mac computers in addition to PC, or if you have familiarity with Linux as well as Windows.

Evenings and Weekends

Because customer service depends upon service delivery, this means that customer service professionals are often required to work shift hours. Many customer service managers must struggle with staff availability when filling up the work schedule. As such, customer service managers always welcome staff who are flexible with work availability and who are willing to work shift work. So make sure that you state that you are willing to work evenings and weekends. By doing this, you will have a great advantage over those other resumes that do not include their availability.

Problem-Solving and Communication

Part of client care is handling customer service problems. So how to write a great customer service resume that shows that you can resolve customer problems? Because of this week customer service representatives with good problem-solving abilities succeed. So make sure you highlight your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your customer service resume. Describe how you have and ability to Listen and understand the customers perspective, brainstorm options, and come up with solutions.

Personality Matters

Whether you do this in your cover letter or in your resume summary make sure you introduce yourself by describing your personality. By doing so you will had a personal touch to your customer service resume. An example resume phrase might be something like, “customer service rep with a warm, friendly, professional manner.” Or perhaps something like this might work for a resume targeted to customer service jobs, “customer service professional with five years of experience; energetic, outgoing, and a friendly personality.”


Customer service resumes should focus on the key components that employers are looking for in order to be successful in this industry. The traits you should highlight in your client care resume include languages, computer proficiency, flexibility and availability, problem-solving, strong communication skills and a warm professional demeanor. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article about how to write a great customer service resume. I invite you to check out our free customer service resume templates on this site.