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Desktop Support Resume

Desktop Support Resume

Today I will share with you a few simple steps to help you write a great Desktop Support resume.  Having hired many IT help desk jobs, I will share with you sample resume phrases that IT manager’s look for in a Desktop Support person.

Often when we think about how to write a great Technical Desktop Support resume, we focus on listing as many technical skills and experience as possible.  Many applicants focus solely on listing the number of operating systems, databases, firewalls, and so forth.  While listing technical skills is important, do not forget about the soft skills.  Smart Information Technology Managers know that it is the soft skills that make Desktop Support person great.

Focus on Communication

Beyond solving problems technical desktop support professionals must have great communication skills.  Strong listening skills and knowing how to communicate technical jargon to non-technical clients is critical to success.  Make sure you demonstrate strong communication skills in your Desktop Support resume.

Sample Resume Phrases and Buzzwords

There are few great ways to show an employer that you have great communication skills on your Desktop Support resume.  Here are some great sample desktop support resume phrases and buzzwords:   “strong listening and communication skills, good communicator, able to translate technical language to layperson language, ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical audience.”

Another great way to demonstrate strong communication skills on your Desktop Support resume.  Include from your previous work experience, times when you had to make a presentations, speaking engagements, training and so forth.  If you had previously trained new or junior technical people make sure to include this on your desktop support resume.  Here are some great sample desktop support resume phrases, “Attended Microsoft exchange server training and presented learnings to technical Help Desk team”. Another example of a great desktop resume to demonstrate your communication skill is, “Trained junior Desktop Support staff”  “Mentored and coached new help desk team members”

Effective sample resume phrases to illustrate strong communication skills include, “coach, coaching, interpreted and explain, translated technical service to non-technical language, presented, explained’

The Antisocial IT Guy

The most successful desktop support professionals I’ve met are successful not only because they have strong technical skills, but all but because they had strong people skills.


Technical Desktop Support professionals with strong people skills are promoted more often than those with simply strong technical skills.  More often than not, the desktop support staff that are bypassed for promotion or even fired are the ones that lack people skills.  I have yet to see a desktop support person get fired due to weak linux skills or he mapped a printer incorrectly.  And you really need people skills in this profession cause let’s face it, it’s stressful.  No one calls just to let you know that their computer is working fine.  Instead, the user is very frustrated when they call, and cannot explain to you what the problem is.

So make sure that you demonstrate on your IT Help Desk resume that you have strong interpersonal and people skills.

Can Someone Vouch for You?

A great way to show your strong interpersonal skills is through a reference letter or a resume testimonial.  A resume testimonial certain at the beginning of your IT Help Desk resume is a simple and very effective way to convince an IT Manager that you will fit it.  Here is a great sample Desktop Support resume testimonial,

“John is a natural problem solver, his patience, strong interpersonal skills have endeared him to his team and clients.  I believe John is an asset to any IT department he joins”

Not only should your Desktop Support resume show strong verbal communication skills, but it should also show strong written communication skills.  The best way to demonstrate this is to first ensure that your IT Help Desk resume does not have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  You know how to use Microsoft Word so make sure you use spell check and also have a friend proofread your resume.  Remember your Desktop Support resume is not only an application but also a work sample.  Especially if you are a foreign job seeker or just new to the country make sure your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors.  Don’t give an employer any reason to question your IT Help Desk ability by your English.

This wraps up today’s article on what to put on your Desktop Support resume to stand out from the crowd.