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Did Wesley Snipes Hire the Wrong Accountant?

Wesley Snipes has been found guilty of failing to file tax returns and has been sentenced to 3 years in prison – the maximum sentence that the prosecutors could ask for and they got it. Is he guilty? Is the sentence fair? Both of these questions are a topic of much debate. Some believe that the sentence is unjust citing that Wesley got the maximum sentence because of his celebrity status. For example, Whoopi Goldberg thinks that the IRS is using Wesley to make an example and send a message to the American public about tax evasion. While the others siding with the prosecutors believe that justice was served and that the sentence is fair.

Now I don’t know the details about the case, so I am not going to comment on the fairness of the outcome. But I can say that it is a shame because I had the opportunity to meet Wesley Snipes before and he came across as a really down to earth and humble guy. We spoke for about half an hour, just shooting the breeze and he was really approachable and friendly. So it’s really too bad about this tax issue.

So while I do not question his great work in movies like “Blade”, “White Men Can’t Jump”, “Jungle Fever” and the perhaps lesser known but fantastic movie “One Night Stand” (a non-action movie where Wesley shows his range of acting skills in film about modern inter-racial relationships and the consequences of extra-marital affairs), I do wonder what hiring processes are in place in his “accounting department” and more specifically, how they conduct job interviews.

From an HR perspective, I think there could be some “opportunity for improvement” in this area. Maybe Wesley could use some HR expertise to help him hire a good accountant, maybe he doesn’t know how to properly conduct a job interview. So without ado, and using the “mystic dark art” of HR (analyzing core competencies and job requirements…it doesn’t sound as cool right?), I have created some behavioral interview questions targeted to accounting jobs. Now these questions are not only intended for Wesley, but also for anyone looking to hire an accountant. Also if you are an accountant and have a job interview lined up, then be sure to check out these questions.

Anyways, thanks for reading today’s post and remember when it comes to job interviewing, resume writing and other career resources – always “bet on GRE”!

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