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Driver Resumes

Love driving?  You know the feeling of being behind the wheel and on the road?  Well then a job as a professional driver might be right for you. Before you start your new career as a professional driver, you will need a new resume.

Drive Resume Interest

How do you capture an employer’s interest on your driver resume? Ask yourself what does an employer want to know? They will want to know where you have worked. Your employment history comes next. Include job title and dates and put the most recent first. Also include a description of your duties or responsibilities. Include precise details. These will make your skills tangible. Then come your education, driving record, licences and qualifications, again, most recent first. Start with your most relevant qualification for the job, and then give the full title of your degree, licence, certification and a summary of subjects and grades. These are followed by relevant training, which comes in a separate section.

Driving Resume Length

We stress about 2 pages maximum. If it is any longer, you can risk losing the reader’s interest. If you are struggling to cut it down, the essential thing to remember is keep it absolutely relevant for the job you are applying for. If it’s not relevant, cut it. Why do I stress keeping your driver resume short?

Racing Through Driver Resumes

Do you know what the average time that an employer spends on your driver resume? Many job seekers ask me, how long does it take for an employer to look at your driver resume. Do you really want to know? 10-15 seconds would be the first scan, so it’s got to be very specific, and it’s got to be really relevant to your career goals. 10 seconds to decide whether they want to read further or call you in for an interview.

That’s scary. So the key is to get to the point and be specific. If you have to be brief, how specific can you get?Specific is about details. You really want to give details. In fact, if you can quantify your results, that would be fabulous. Quantify in terms of driving performance. It can be deliveries, times, numbers of people, or time frames, but don’t give vague statements. Instead, get really right down to the details and try to be almost measuring your performance.

Below we show you a list of great driver resumes.  Make sure you use these when you apply for your next driving job. Use these Driver resumes and land a job in the driving industry!