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Early Childhood Educator Resume Tips

Early childhood educators work in the child care industry with work with infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children. These professionals may be known as many things including: Caregiver, Child Care Professional, Day Care Worker, Educator, Family Day Home Provider, Instructor, Play School Teacher, School Teacher, and Teacher.

Regardless of the job title, Early Childhood Educators develop and implement programs designed to meet children’s social, physical, intellectual, creative, cultural, emotional and developmental needs in a play-based environment.  They teach children important social skills that contribute to their social development.

List Special Skills

How can you write a great early childhood educator resume that will help capture the attention of employers in the child care industry?  The goal here is to quickly show an employer the knowledge, skills and abilities required in an ideal candidate. In addition to the requisite education and training such as Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma, Child Care Assistant (CCA) certificate, etc. a CV should have qualities that define an applicant and make them unique.

Ask yourself what makes me special and better than the next applicant? You may want to provide samples of special skills on your resume such as crafting or maybe you can play a musical instrument.  These type of teaching skills can really make your CV much more attractive to an employer.

What Employers Look For

Many ECE professionals don’t know how to write the right CV with the critical soft skills.  Why is this important?  You can teach new staff procedures and policies very easily.  However, you can’t teach that person patience, warmth, nurturing, enthusiasm or the energy required for this kind of work with children.  So here is a tip; emphasize your personality traits that make your good at your job and knowledgeable in the child care industry.

Social Proof

Many resumes under estimate the power of a testimonial.  A testimonial from a teacher, former day care, parent, and so forth can go a long way to impressing a potential employer.  In addition make a point to keep any letters of recommendation, notes of appreciation or recognition, and performance reviews.  These documents can be an invaluable source of information, insert quotes from these documents and use them as testimonials  that can appear at the top of your CV when applying for a job in the child care industry.