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Employer Brand, Employee Experience

An interesting employment article about creating your employer brand as the best way to attract talent in this demand employment market that is in short supply of qualified workers. It definitely mentions some good points to consider when creating your employer brand such as knowing the demographics of your audience, creating an employer brand that creates the “wow” effect, how to write a compelling job ad and so on.

I would like to see more written on the link between the marketing of the employer brand promise and delivering on this promise. Employer branding strategies to ensure marketing, communication, and public relations work together along with human resources to ensure a company delivers on the promises it makes. Since spending time and money to create a “brand” or perception of the work experience that is not aligned with the actual employment experience is simply not going to work in the long run. In some cases, a misleading employer promise will only last as long as the first day on the job.

Employer brand experience framework