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Engineer Resume Tips

Today’s topic is about how to create a great engineering resume. By reading this post, you will learn practical tips and techniques specifically for engineer resumes. In addition I invite you to take a look at some of our free engineer resume templates. Use these free engineering resume templates as examples for ideas that you can apply to your own professional engineer resume.

Key Competencies For Engineers

Engineering is often known as the applied science. As such, engineers are professionals whose work revolves around applying science to create products and solve problems.  Therefore make sure that you list the skills on your engineering resume. In sure that you list core engineer competencies such as being a practical problem solver, pragmatic thinker, and don’t forget creativity. Often times engineers stress being practical at the expense of highlighting their creativity. An engineer who is a creative problem solver is invaluable to an employer.

To create a personal brand as being a strong applicant you can include these key competencies in your resume profile or skills summary. This can be placed at the beginning of your engineer resume, at the end, or you can have a resume profile to start your resume and finish with the skills summary. By using these strategic resume headings on your engineering resume you’ll be building, constructing a strong first impression and the lasting final impression.

Of course talk is cheap and just listing words such as practical problem solver, creative problem solver, etc. is empty. The key here is to include specific accomplishments or work outcomes to support your engineering resume.  So for example suppose you are mechanical engineer. Not only do you including your resume profile that you’re a creative problem solver, but in your resume you mention how you developed and implemented new ways to troubleshoot and install equipment to reduce turnaround by 30%.

Good Engineers Versus Great Engineers

What really separates a good engineer from a great engineer? A good engineer has all the basic required technical skills and abilities. These are the fundamental competencies that they developed in engineering school. The great engineers possess not only these core engineering skills but also strong soft skills. Great engineers are not only practical and pragmatic but they are also strong communicators, leaders with excellent interpersonal skills. A great engineer resume tips is to ensure that you include the soft skills. Again list the skills but also include specific quantifiable accomplishments that support your assertion.

You may be thinking what kind of career accomplishment can you use to support the fact that you have strong interpersonal skills, or great leadership skills? Be creative and ask yourself what are the observable all comes of having strong leadership and interpersonal skills? So for example you may use social proof to support your interpersonal skills. For example you may insert a testimonial from a client or you may insert a statement from a recommendation letter written by your boss at the top of your resume. Likewise you may like to include some of accomplishments that sure direct reports achieve under your leadership. For example you may have led in engineering team that reduced production time by 20%. The idea here create an image, lace your engineer resume with evidence that will leave the employer to form a certain impression.

Other Engineering Assets

Always think of ways to separate and distinguish your engineering resume from the others. There are many many ways that you can do this and understood a rival office he offered top of my head to show you some of the possibilities.

Project management is a definite asset in engineering, because often time’s senior engineers lead large and complex projects. Include any courses and training that you may have had related to project management. So if you have a PM designation or certificate, make sure you include this. If you don’t have a formal certification that in project management you may want to consider getting this for leadership roles. If you have lead large and complex projects make sure you specify the size and scope and complexity for the reader. Make sure you do this in a brief matter, do not have shot all the details of the project on your resume. Remember this is the resume not a project document. One simple way to do this is to indicate the dollar amount of the project, the number of people involved in the project under your leadership, and the size of the employer.

Safety is very important in some engineering environments especially in mechanical engineering and a, or as a construction engineer.  So make sure you include all of your safety related experience training and education. And I just don’t mean the typical engineering safety stuff.  Listing training such as first aid, CPR, and so on will make your engineering resume that must from her. A construction engineer with advanced first aid and CPR is an asset to any employer.

Research Resume Examples

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so look for sample engineer resumes. contains many free engineer resume examples that you can use as a template.  Take a look at our list of sample resumes and get some ideas to redesign your resume.


So we’ve covered a few tips for you to use on your engineer resume. The main message today is to not only focus on key technical hard skills but to also include soft skills. In addition to listing the key competencies required to be a successful engineer it is important to include examples, and accomplishments to support your engineering resume. So if you want your engineer resume to stand out, don’t rely on including the typical engineering education and experience, because every other applicant is doing the same thing.