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Maintenance Engineer Resume Example

Have you maintained your Maintenance Engineer resume?  When was the last time you did an upgrade on your P.E. resume?  Well below is a sample Maintenance Engineer resume example for you to complete your resume upgrade.  Use the resume below to get some great ideas for how to structure your resume for a sound construction.  This sample Maintenance Engineer resume has a fantastic design.  It is particularly well-suited for those engineers who have worked for one employer a long time or stayed in the same job for some time.

This  Maintenance Engineer resume example uses different key words to differentiate experience within the job history.  For example, in the resume sample below you see headings that correspond to specialties or specialized bodies of knowledge such as:

Engineering and Technical Supports, Maintenance & Plant, and Project Management.  The result of using these skill headings in this Maintenance engineer resume is that the applicant looks more well rounded.

Sample Maintenance Engineer Resume Example

666 – 7777 Calgary Street, Calgary, AB, C8P 7P9
Home: (604) 123-4567  Cell: (444) 777-9999


Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering, UBC, 1994


American Hydro Electric, Seattle, WA, 1995 to 2010,
Maintenance Engineer

Engineering and Technical Supports

  • Prepared technical specifications, data sheets for quote (RFQ) and requisition (RFP) for mechanical equipment.
  • Developed technical bid evaluations and make recommendations leading to the selection of vendors
  • Reviewed and approved supplier drawings, mechanical design calculations and data documentation to ensure compliance with respective project specification requirements.
  • Coordinated answers to queries during fabrication and construction and make shop and site visits as necessary to ensure technical
  • integrity of the equipment and design.
  • Coordinated with other discipline engineers on technical issues and engineering matters related to the project.
  • Reviewed and approved vendor data books.
  • Proactively managed activities supporting the procurement of assigned equipment and materials in order to maintain the project schedule and budget
  • Updated mechanical equipment list
  • Ensured proper implementation of the approved Design Change Note (DCN) in the designs through checking the 3D Model and P&ID drawings.
  • Modified, fabricated and installed the piping systems in the plant for process development and management of changes

Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance & Plant

  • Developed engineering standards, specifications, engineering practices and procedures for maintenance, repair and turnaround of plant equipments.
  • Implemented computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for scheduling and execution of preventative and predictive maintenance to improve equipments reliability.
  • Conducted failure analysis of mechanical and electrical failures as well as unexpected maintenance problems and operational problems related to equipment.
  • Liaised with equipment vendor, consultant and contractor on engineering drawings, calculations and quotations for procurement of new equipment, equipment spare parts, troubleshooting and repair as well as for the installation and improvement.
  • Ensured proper execution and closure of work orders for repair with regard to manpower availability & skills and health & safety.
    Implemented successfully 5S system in the maintenance department and production plant to improve occupational health and safety, ergonomics and efficiency.
  • Recorded and interpreted essential workshop data such as equipment utilization, stock (spare parts) records, repair frequencies and information necessary for budgetary and cost control.
  • Provided training to the technical specialists and operators on the equipments maintenance and operation.
  • Scheduled, supervised and inspected maintenance, turnaround, installation and repair of a maintenance team consisting of over 20 technical specialists and 2 maintenance specialists.

Maintenance Engineer

Project Management

  • Prepared, monitored and updated project schedule and project monthly cost report.
  • Asisted project manager in cost estimation, man-hours and deliverables planning for all engineering disciplines.
  • Allocated project cost for procurement of materials, equipments and third party services.
  • Issued project trend and scope of change based on the project needs
  • Performed project turnover and project closeout activities.Managed successfully projects for installation of pumps, cooling towers, product storage tanks, filter press, stripping and acrylic acid feeding system as well as on the modification of pressure vessel and chemical storage tanks for Butyl Acrylate and Styrene.
  • Oversaw technical specialists and contractors working in the plant to ensure compliance with material specifications, schedules as well as safety and health procedures.
  • Issued and coordinated the construction work packages (CWP) for construction