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Error 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Today both our blog and site showed the error message 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. The official messaqe was:

“509 bandwidth Limit exceeded
bandwidth Limit exceeded. The server is temporarily unable to service
your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit”

And I am not sure not why it would shut the site down. I thought the host would just bill for usage above the limit. For example, you can simply upgrade to a larger plan or there is an automatic charge for the additional usage i.e. I have heard for some the cost is $1 for every additional Gig used.

Of course bandwidth was something I looked into before migrating our blog away from and hosting our ownSo this issue was not a surprise and luckily it is not exceedingly expensive to get more bandwidth. I suppose this is one of the costs of getting your own domain and hosting your blog away from Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that it is a bad idea to host your own blog just due to this bandwidth issue but it is just another issue you must deal with. The other is the support issue and all the customizations needed to get your blog up and running to your satisfaction. When you install your own it comes as bare bones and you no longer have the luxury of all those themes that you can just try out. You must install it, along with any plug ins for any additional functionalitySomething you didn’t have to do if your blog is hosted for free on

Anyway, I sent an email to our administrator and the problem seemed to have resolved itself since a half-hour later the site came back up. Shutting the site down is a bit extreme, you would figure they would at least send notification before such a drastic and business impacting move.

Well I probably should shop around for other options and give some thought on our bandwidth requirements and so forth. On the bright side, the bandwidth consumption might mean we are doing something right. That is it may indicate that there is an interest in what we are writing. If so then thank you for reading and your continued support.

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