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Job References Can Make or Break You

Many job seekers forget the importance of providing good job references to employers after the job interview. In many cases the reference check can make all the difference between receiving a job offer from being overlooked. The reference check is always the final step in any recruitment process, especially if it comes down to having to choose between two potentially strong candidates. In many cases the job references act as the final vote to determine the “best fit”. Take the time to find good job references that can speak about your accomplishments, strengths and abilities when an employer comes calling.

Get Agreement from References


One of the most important things to help you provide a successful job reference is to ensure you let your references know ahead of time.  No likes being caught off guard, and if your reference is called unexpectedly by a potential employer, this could decrease your chances of getting that job.  So make sure you secure your references ahead of time and give your references a heads up who might be calling.

Brief Your References

Let them know in advance what job you are applying for and how your previous position fit in.  In many cases your previous manager would benefit if they could quickly see the job posting and the company so that they might better speak to how you would fit in well.  So you should follow up your call with an email with a link to the posting if possible.