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Executive Assistant Resume

In this article, we will focus on what makes a great executive assistant resume. The tips and tricks shared in today’s article come from one employers commonly see omitted in many executive assistant resumes. You will learn what to put in your executive assistant resume to help you stand out from the other applicants. Please feel free to use the tips in this article along with the sample executive assistant resume templates that we offer.

Experience At The Right Level

A great way to show that you have the correct experience is to make sure that you described your experience supporting C-level executives in your executive assistant resume. All too often I hear employers complaining that they’ve hired the wrong person because their experience as an executive assistant was not at the right level. Is very different to be an executive assistant for 10 person company than it is to be an executive assistant for a multinational. Supporting an executive who manages a company of 10 Is Way different than supporting an executive who leads a company of 30,000 employees.

Are you PC literate?

Executive assistants need to be proficient with computers and software programs so make sure you demonstrate this in your Executive Assistant resumeSoftware programs that executive assistants use most often are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft outlook. However, depending on if your role is also responsible for account receivable, and payables you will also need to have solid experience with accounting software’s. Experience with accounting packages such as simply accounting, SAP, is very much sought after by employers.

Regardless of tech support, you will often have to play the role of tech support. Even if you do happen to have a tech support department, as an executive assistant more often than not you will have to provide tech support to the managers that sit close to you are desk. because the managers this and closed your desk will continue first for printing problems, Internet problems, e-mail problems and not being able to save the network drive.  Sometimes you’re able to fix these problems and other times you will have to refer to the tech support departmentSo also make sure that you list experience with reading trouble tickets, calling tech support and so forth in your executive assistant resume.

Lastly, I will also mention that is important to include your typing skills. An executive assistant resume that shows proficient typing ability supports productivity, because so much of your job as an executive assistant will involve typing.

Can You Adjust Priorities On-The-Fly?

Executive assistants must constantly adjust their priorities. Often executive assistants are bombarded with multiple demands simultaneously vying for attention. A great resume tip is to highlight your ability to triage multiple demands successfully in your executive assistant resume. Here is a sample resume statement, “supported 14 sales executives, privatizing e-mails and meetings successfully”. The idea here is that you want to show all the previous work experience what you had to manage multiple projects or work activities all at once.

Executive Soft Skills

It’s very important that an executive assistant resume shows your soft skills as an executive assistant. Strong interpersonal skills are vital since executive assistants deal with so many different people throughout the company at all levels. As an executive assistant you will have to communicate with other executives through to the clerk in the accounting department or mailroom. Is important that you have interpersonal skills to be successful in this job. Here is a great sample resume statement for an executive assistant to showcase people skills“ability to build and maintain successful relationships with individuals at all levels”.