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Can Facebook and mySpace Hurt Your Job Application?

Another great article on employers using the internet looking at sites like Facebook and mySpace to do background checks on potential job candidates. This article presents a good legal perspective since the author Jeanine DeBacker is an Employment lawyer for Wendel Rosen Black & Dean. An interesting employment statistic presented in this article:

“According to a 2006 survey of more than 1,150 hiring managers, one-quarter of them reported using search engines to screen job candidates, while one in 10 said they’ve used social-networking sites. The survey also found that more than half of managers have chosen not to hire an applicant after viewing their online profiles.”

Not only can social networking sites hurt your chances of getting a job, but sites like Facebook can also get you fired! Take a look at this post about the Canada Border Services employees who are in hot water at work over the things they posted on Facebook.

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