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Famous People Who Have Lied On Their Resume

Fake It Till You Make It

According to news sources, former presidential candidate Joe Bidden has done it.  Former Primer Minister of Canada, Kim Campbell has done it, so has former Radio Shack Chief Executive, Dave Edmondson.  What I am talking about is lying / misrepresenting on your resume or RESUME FRAUD.

Below I have just a small list of very famous and powerful people who have been reported to have lied on their resume.  You may be surprised at who has made the list, what they lied about, and how much money they have made from it!  It seems just a little unfair to me that these rich guys faked their way to the top while today’s job seekers need to pass urine tests, criminal background checks, and proof of a PhD to work the drive through at McDonalds.  It definitely seems unfair to me that some of us work hard to get our credentials, while these guys just made up theirs.

Should You Lie or Mislead in Your Resume?

Judging by the salaries made by the members on this list, it may look like lying on your resume pays off but it don’t do it.  There are several reasons you should not lie on your resume.  For starters you will be caught, with the age of the internet information is more easily obtainable than ever.  This means you can lie but you will be found out.  The other is that hiring circles can be small and we talk.  I can remember one applicant in particular sent to me by a recruitment agency who lied on his resume.  The long and short of it was that he was blacklisted not only from my former employer (a large provincial company but also from the circle of recruitment companies that specialized in this industry).  In Recently one of our articles on resume fraud was published in 24 hrs newspaper, a publication for the greater Vancouver area.

Anyway, this got me researching on the famous people  who have made resume fudge.  Below are a few famous folk that have been reported to have lied or at the very least stretched the truth on their resume.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of famous resume fudge:

Famous Resume Fudge

Joe Bidden – Former American Presidential Candidate

Plagiarism and exaggeration on academic record.

Jane Fulton – Former Deputy Minister of Health, Alberta

Government commissioned report and concluded she was guilty of overstating about 12 accomplishments.  She retained her position. – Halifax Daily News, April 5, 1995

Ralph Klein – Former Premier of Alberta

In 1993 he indicated he graduated from high school when he had dropped out. – Halifax Daily News, April 5, 1995

Jag Bhaduria – Former Member of Canadian Parliament

Used initials LL.B (Int.) after his name suggesting he holds a law degree.  He dropped out of liberal caucus. – Halifax Daily News, April 5, 1995

Kim Campbell – Former Prim Minister of Canada

Resume indicated she was fluent in German, Russian and Yiddish.  Lost next election, no longer active in politics. – Halifax Daily News, April 5, 1995

Terry Popowich – Former Vice President, Toronto Stock Exchange

Resume claimed he had an MBA from London School of Economics.  He was fired when the truth was discovered that he did not hold such degree. – Halifax Daily News, April 5, 1995

Dave Edmondson – Chief Executive, former RadioShack

“Busted for faking his college degree. Edmondson claimed to hold diplomas in psychology and theology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California. There was no evidence he ever graduated from the school.”  Source:  Forbes, 2002.07.07

Ronald Zarrella – CEO, Bausch & Lomb

“Pulled the same stunt, claiming an M.B.A. from New York University’s business school in his bios for 10 years. He’d started the program, but he never graduated”. Source:  Forbes, 2002.07.07

Submit Your Own List Of Fudgers

Of course, you have my commitment that I will be adding to this list as my research continues.  In the meantime, if you have some news on famous people who have lied on their resume or committed resume fraud, feel free to contribute by adding:

1.  Adding in our comments.  Share your thoughts about with the rest of the world about this dishonest behavior.

2.  If you have a story about resume fraud then share with us.

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