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Flight Attendant Resume

Flight Attendant Resume Takes Off

In most cases, employers are not permitted to discriminate based on attributes like looks, physical attributes and so forth.  Unfortunately, as a flight attendant, there is a requirement, not for looks but for height.  When airlines hire flight attendants, they look for applicants you can meet the requirement of the job, including reaching for the overhead cabinets within the plate.  When I hired for a national airline company, a common test in the job interview for a flight attendant is to have the applicant reach for an object at a certain height to simulate the requirements of reaching for the overhead cabin monoplane.  Airlines look for an individual who can reach this site safely without an illness.  Some employers such as British Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada and so forth utilize tests like this rather than stating a requirement for height.  Here is a great sample resume phrase specifically for flight attendants to get the attention of a hiring manager, “Ability to safely and comfortably reach the overhead cabin”.  Insert this sample resume bullet in your resume skills summary at the beginning of your flight attendant resume on the first page.  Airline managers will surely appreciate this, as it saves them from having to interview candidates who are simply too short.


One time when I was hiring for a major airline, one candidate that we were interviewing had all the qualifications except she could not reach the overhead cabin.  During the job interview she tried to reach overhead cabin several times – she simply could not reach it.  The hiring panel really empathized with this applicant.  Despite her passion and desire to be an airline flight attendant, she could not meet one of the core job requirements.  We did allow her several attempts before moving on to the next flight attendant we had to job interview.

She even came back and tried to wear what must have been 4 inch heels to reach the overhead cabin.  Bless her heart; I thanked her for her effort, but unless she is going to grow another 6 inches or more.  I don’t think there’s any hope of for reaching you’ll read cabin.   Lastly it would be unsafe for us to allow her to wear stilts while on an airplane.

The you have dreams of flying through the sky as a flight attendant?  A do you dream about career as a flight attendant for traveling exotic locations?   you are, the lower of this about career in the airline industry as a flight attendant is easy to understand.  What other profession allows you to travel the world, see need to interesting and exotic places as a part of your job?  How to.  However, it is very competitive to get in.   everyday major airlines such as British Airways, Air Canada, that US airlines receive hundreds of applications, from adventure seekers.    you are looking to break into this career, is important that you ensure that your flight attendant resume its is updated in and current.  In today’s post,  we teach you how to give your tired old resume afresh an updated look.  You’ll learn a few simple and practical tips to improve your flight attendant resume.

Customer Service Is King

There are many in qualities  or qualifications that employers look for in a flight attendant resume.  The most important one of these requirements is customer service experience. Major airlines look for individuals who have with customer service experience, and client service orientation.  So think back to all your jobs that you previously held that had the component of customer service, client care, and  dealing with the public, and so forth.   Highlight previous work experience where your role was to deliver good service.   Make sure you include phrases like this customer service, client service, serve customers, guest service, and then so forth.  Employers will search for phrases like this to find suitable candidates to interview.

Another great way to demonstrate a your excellent customer service track record is through a resume testimonial.  A resume testimonial from a former customer or client will go long way in showing that airline that you have what it takes to deliver a great guest experience.   So if you have a great relationship with a former employer, don’t be afraid to ask for a reference letter.  Request that the letter speak specifically to your customer service abilities.   Once you obtain a reference letter, you may take an excerpt of 1 to 2 sentences long, describing your customer service aptitude.  Take a look at our sample guest service, flight attendant, a customer service resumes.  For example of how this might look like.  .

Parlez Français?  Habla Español?

Flight attendants must interact with travelers from all over the world.  Often travelers do not speak English so major a airlines are in the US, Canada and the UK look for the people who can speak foreign language have knowledge of foreign cultures, and also have extensive travel experience.   Make sure you list languages that you are knowledgeable in.   Ensure that you specify not only the language of but your proficiency level of for example.   for example ,  ” a spoken for French and or can read and write Spanish.”