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Get A PhD in Resume Fraud

Here is an interesting news item from the newspaper about a Victoria area doctor who has been charged with fraud over lying that he holds two doctoral degrees.

According to the news article, James Walker is 31 and his credential includes “a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, a master’s degree in social work and two PhDs. It also lists him as a registered social worker, and indicates that he has worked as a paramedic, a child-protection investigator with Toronto police and Toronto’s Children’s Aid Society, a manager of public education for the B.C. Ambulance Service, an auditor and adviser for the Capital Health Region, and a policy adviser for the province.”

The charges are over forged documents that “indicates he holds a doctorate in medical sciences from the University of Calgary, a doctorate in philosophy from “Smith College” — the name of a women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts — and a diploma in human behavioural science from the Yale School of Medicine.”

I have written a few articles on resume fraud, (including politicians who have lied) and the consequences of lying on your resume. The danger of lying on your resume or misrepresenting your credentials is that it threatens your entire application. Meaning, if a hiring manager catches a lie, omission, or embellishment on your resume, your entire application will be suspect. In such a situation, even the credentials you have worked hard to attain will not be trusted.

Re-read the credentials and accomplishments that Mr Walker indicates he has achieved and ask yourself how much of it you believe.  Now as for Mr Walker, if his career as a “doctor” does not work out, he might just have a shot in politics.

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