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Grow Your Recruitment Company with Retention

Recently we had the pleasure to meet Dan Campbell in San Antonio where he spoke at the 2007 Staffing World Convention. Dan spoke of how his recruitment and staffing agency focuses on retention as a strategic advantage.

Dan is CEO of Hire Dynamics, which provides recruitment and staffing services through its 15 offices in Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina. The company has been recognized by Staffing Industry Report for three years in a row as one of the fastest-growing private staffing companies in America, and by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the best places to work and one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies based in Atlanta. Hire Dynamics started in 2001 with seven employees, 37 clients, and 1 million in debt. Last year Dan’s recruitment and staffing agency exceeded $50 M in revenues. The secret to his success is keeping his top headhunters happy.

Employees are given a Rolex watch at their 5-year service anniversary. While he spoke, I couldn’t help but notice the all the managers and owners of recruitment and staffing companies who wrote down all the details of the Rolex watch program. I also couldn’t help but think how they missed the point.

The point here is not whether to give a service anniversary gift or the type of gift that you give. The lesson here is the success that can be achieved when upper management recognizes that retention is a key strategic advantage and commits to it. It is an example of business leaders who have put employee retention on their radar and have demonstrated their commitment to this issue.

Hire Dynamics retains talented recruiters not because of the watch, nor would they want to. Hire Dynamics appears to have found the right formula to select, train, recognize, reward and ultimately retain their headhunters. Again, it is not the watch but all the things that the watch program represents and communicates to their employees. It is all the things that happen behind the watch program that keep their top headhunters performing on the job. It would be a grave mistake for other recruitment companies to blindly copy the Rolex watch program if they don’t have the other pieces of the management puzzle since they may be inadvertently creating a system where recruiters only stay at their jobs for an expensive watch.

Some recruitment and placement agencies get this and some don’t, and it’s refreshing to see this agency understanding the key to retention.