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Help for Haiti

By now, I am sure all of you are aware of the devastation that has occurred in Haiti resulting from a massive earthquake.

In an effort to help those victims in Haiti and in the spirit of Canadian charity, GreatResumeExample will do make a donation.  Vancouver, BC based, GRE will begin a donation to Haiti.  All proceeds from our online courses to the Canadian Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti.

The period of donation for Haiti will be one month from Jan 28, 2010 until Mar 28, 2010.

So if you are currently job searching, and want to gain skills needed to improve your resume and job interview skills, take our course.  By taking our course, you will not only invest in yourself but also helping a worthy cause.

You can donate by either purchasing an online course directly from GreatResumeExample.  If you prefer, you may donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross and send us some proof of donation to obtain your free resume writing and job interview training course.

We thank all of our loyal readers in advance for their continued readership and supporting this worthy cause.

Donation For Haiti Instructions:

Donate via Direct Purchase from GreatResumeExample

Donate Directly to Canadian Red Cross (Ensure to send some proof of donation to receive complimentary courses)

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