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Hotel Resume

Highlight Soft Skills that Make a Great Hotel Resume


Want to learn how to write a great Hotel resume? Well look no further, in this article we cover the tips and techniques and examples on how to write a great hotel front desk resume. In addition, we provide a sample Hotels associate resume and sample phrases to insert in your hotel resume. Use this sample resume for jobs like hotel clerk and hotel customer services representative positions.

Highlight Core Hotel Traits

What Separates an Average Hotel Staff from a Great Hotel Staff? This is a good question, and in my view the answer is simple – People Skills. Great hotel staff at hotels not only have experience in the hotel industry but also have the soft skills. Skills such as the ability to calm an angry hotel guest or resolve conflict with a hotel customer. A warm and friendly manner that is welcoming and so forth are all traits that make a great hotel guest service staffSo if you want to know how write your hotel guest service resume so you can stand out from the crowd, the answer is easy – focus on these core hotel customer service traits.

Focus on Second Language and Travel Experience

How else can you make your Hotel resume stand out? Understand that the Hotel staff is the face of the hotel. As such highlight in your Hotel resume that you have a neat, well-groomed appearance as this is important. In addition show case your ability to speak other languages in your sample hotel guest service resume. Since hotel staff must deal with guests from all over the world. The ability to speak languages other than English is a real assetSo list the languages you speak on your hotel guest services resume. But if you don’t speak other languages how else can you write a great hotel resume? Aside from language, you can mentioning your knowledge of foreign cultures, and even listing your own travel experiences. Listing your knowledge of other cultures and travel experiences in your hotel resume will show an employer you will understand your hotel guests needs.