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Dirty Job – Shovel Worm Poop

Hate your job? Has the boss just “voluntold” you for another committee with the world’s most annoying colleague? Have you been seriously considering the very real possibility of death from boredom during a meeting? So you are thinking about a career change but not sure what? Well, I have something that might help you brainstorm new and exciting career options that I trust you have not considered. Who knows, it might just give you a whole new perspective on your current job.

It’s Wednesday so here is a funny video to get you over the “hump day” of the work week. It’s from “Dirty Jobs“, a popular program from the Discovery Channel where Mike Rowe the host, explores careers by doing strange, messy, and sometimes just down right dirty jobs. Whiles these jobs are not considered “dream jobs” for many, they serve a necessary function for our society. Examples of the strange and dirty jobs that Mike has had to do include:

  • Shark repellent and shark suit tester
  • Worm Dung Farmer
  • Roadkill Cleaners
  • Chinatown Garbage Collector
  • Sewer Inspector
  • Salmon Carcass Counter
  • Rat Exterminator & Mosquito Control
  • Snake Researcher
  • Concrete Stamper
  • Penguin Keeper
  • Bloodworm Digger

In this episode, Mike visits a farm where they produce “castings“. In the agriculture field, “castings” is worm excrement and is highly prized for being a rich organic fertilizer. In this episode, Mike demonstrates the delicate art of collecting worm manure. Observe the “technique” and maybe you can try this at your next meeting.

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Photo by kirb_3