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Human Resource Resume

Human Resources or commonly known as HR is an exciting field that covers a range of topics focusing on the management of people in organizations. There are many diverse specialties in HR such as benefits, health and safety, recruitment, labour relations to name a few.

While I always recommend that you should customize your resume to ensure the greatest chances for success, there are a few things that all HR resumes can have to make you stand out. I will cover a few today and also at the end of this article, include links to some resume samples specifically customized to fit an specific HR discipline.

Tact And Diplomacy

Due to the sensitive info you handle and deal with on a daily basis, all HR pros must be able to show employers that they can show tact and sensitivity in appropriate situations. In the benefits area, an employee may be going through a divorce and you may be handling the changes to their benefits status and records. In recruitment you may be privy to who has been successful and who has been bypassed for a job opening. For these reasons, HR pros who can show employers that they can remain professional and handle issues discretely will always prevail.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Employers value Human Resource management folks who can communicate in difficult situations and have interpersonal skills to influence and persuade others. This is because you may be asked to support management in terminations or grievances where the discussion is often emotional.

The best way to show proof of your communication skill is in a well-written and professional cover letter and resume. Writing these documents in a professional tone and language will help create a first impression that is positive and lasting. Another great way to showcase your skill is to include the results of your awesome communications skills. For example rather than just say, “great communication skills” support that by including brilliant results statements like “Successfully negotiated 3 collective agreements to enable a competitive operations”. Or perhaps “delivered over 59 new management training sessions with over 97% satisfaction rating”. Including these types of power statements will go along way in making a positive impression and getting you one step closer to the job interview.