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IT Help Desk Support Resume

IT Help Desk Support Resume

Struggling to write a great IT Help Desk Support resume?  It’s not easy to know what the IT Manager is looking for in a Help Desk Analyst resume.  Good news, today we will show you what makes a great IT Help Desk Support resume.  We will show you a few easy steps to make your IT Help Desk Support resume stand out from the crowd and offer some sample resume phrases specifically for the IT IT Help Desk Support resume.

Serving Customer Number 1

All too often I see help desk resumes that do not speak to customer service skills.  Remember that IT Help Desk support service and is a service, as such customers this critical.  Most IT Help Desk Support resumes only focus on technical skills listing number of operating systems, web applications, they can support and so forth.  While technical experience is very important, let’s not forget to mention your customer service.

So include any former work experience where there was a component of customer service or sales.  For example, recently I interviewed a junior help desk person, and it was revealed that she had worked in the customer service industry prior to entering the tech field. But no where in her resume did she mention her retail customer service experience, because she thought I would only be interested in her IT experience – wrong!

Be sure to include your I see IT Help Desk Support resume prior work experience from retail restaurants hotels and so forth to show that you will deliver excellent customer service.  Great sample resume phrases include, “provided great customer service, delivered excellent or stellar service, ensured exemplary client experience”.

How Can I Show My Customer Service Skills

A great place to show that you are customer service oriented is in your Help Desk cover letter and resume summary.       A resume summary is located at the beginning of your resume that summarizes your skills.  Use effective language to demonstrate your customer service experience in your resume summary and cover letter.  Effective sample resume phrases for the IT Help Desk Support resume include, “A real people-person, friendly, warm, and strong interpersonal skills, good listener, great communicator, tactful, ability to resolve conflict”

Prove IT

Using effective sample resume phrases as mentioned above is a first step writing a great IT Help Desk Support resume.  The second step is to reinforce this description of yourself with tangible evidence.  A tangible evidence to demonstrate strong customer service skills include a reference letters, customer testimonials, client appreciation letters, customer service awards.

Communication Is The Key

I believe that the Help Desk job requires applicants with strong communication skills.  Often I see IT Help Desk Support professional that list technical skills but do not speak to their communication skills.  Having done both human resources where I negotiated with unions and IT Help Desk I can confirm that the help desk job required every bit as much communication as the HR job.  Every experience Help Desk person can tell you how challenging it is to communicate to a user who cannot explain the problem or understand what you are saying.  Smart IT managers know that the best IT help desk professionals not only have strong technical background but also awesome communication skills.  A great way to demonstrate your strong communication skills in your IT Help Desk Support resume is to include previous experience in training and coaching.  By doing this, the reader will assume other qualities such as strong interpersonal skills and patience. Great sample resume phrases for an IT Help Desk resume include “Mentored Junior helpdesk staff, coached athletic sports team, tutored students in academic subjects, trained new liaison procedures”. You have just seen how easy it is to demonstrate strong communication skills with what might seem to be unrelated former work experience.  So ask yourself where you have instructed, coached, and trained in the past.


Saturday we discuss a few practical tips on how to write a great IT help desk resume.  If in addition, we offer some great sample resume phrases and buzzwords or you to use.  Remember that this court not to neglect skills such as indication customer service on your IT help desk resume.  Until next time, and much success.  The in your I see IT Help Desk Support job search.