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Job Seekers with Foreign Names Have Less Chance

An interesting study on discrimintation conducted by University of B.C. Associate Prof. Philip Oreopoulos, suggests that job seekers with foreign sounding names have less chance of getting a job interview.

In this study, fake resumes were sent out with the exact same qualifications to determine what role the applicant’s name played in the job search process. The results indicate that applicants with foreign names had less chance of being called for an interview.

Public reaction to the findings have been varied. To some Canadians with ethnic names, these findings comes as no surprise. There are many examples of highly qualified immigrants who experience trouble finding work in their field. While other Canadians, see this study as one sided by not examining the discrimination perpetrated by ethnic employers against English sounding names. And lastly, there are some who think that these findings are completely untrue. In fact, some believe that visible minorities benefit at the expense of white males from the preferential hiring practices of some employers.

So while the opinion and reaction to this study is mixed, one thing for sure, “a rose by another name” does NOT smell as sweet…..

What do you think?  Do you feel you been discriminated against due to your ethnic background?  How do you feel about the findings of this study?

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PS –  Whether you discriminate against a foreign name or a white male, it is illegal and contravenes the human rights legislation.  For our foreign readers interested in working in Canada or new Canadians, see our article on how volunteering can help your job search and volunteering resources.

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