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Jobs Search 2.0

Here is a great post about taking a new approach to finding a job.  Quite simply, I like how the author is challenging job seekers to go beyond the conventional means of looking for work.

In the “good old days” we would look through the weekend paper and look for want ads.  But of course, online job boards like and came and we took to the internet and surfed and clicked to apply for work.

It is now time for change again.  We must expand our methods beyond newspapers and online job boards to find work.  A great point made in this article is that applying on job boards as the only way may not be so effective since the HR hiring manager selects only the top few resumes based on key word search.

The solution is not to stuff your resume with keywords (while some resume writers do this and guarantee you will get an interview, we don’t recommend this since it amounts to as much as misrepresentation).  Instead, consider headhunters, recruiters, job search engines (,, etc), professional associations, networking, and so on.

Consider using technology in a new way.   Here’s a job search tip:  Suppose you are a marketing manager in Vancouver BC.  You can set up a google alert on the words, “marketing manager job”.  Once set up, google will monitor the web and if an employer posts this job on their own job board you will be notified even if they don’t post it on a job board.  In fact, you can set it up so any new news, video, or blog post with those words will be brought to your attention.  If you want to regionalize the search then just add the your city and state/province name to the alert.

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