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Mail Carrier Resume

Mail Carrier Resume Tips

How would you like to get paid to go for walks?  Well it’s not exactly all there is to it but perhaps a job as a Mail Carrier might just be the job for you.

Today we talk about what makes a great mail carrier resume.  In the good old days, they were known as the mailman, postman, and so forth.  But of course, the times have changed and with it the job title has been modernized.  Today Mail Carriers or Letter Carriers are those folks who deliver our mail and parcels each and every day.  Mail Carriers work for often government organizations such as Canada post, and U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  In the article below, we will share with you a few great mail carrier and letter carrier resume tips.

The mail carrier resume tips that we discuss today will help you stand out from the crowd.  If you already have a great resume and already have an interview lined up then check out these sample letter carrier and postal services interview questions.  These are practical and easy to implement resume suggestions that will get you hired at Canada Post, U.S Postal Service and UPS

Let’s Get Physical

The Mail Carrier job is a very physical job.  For example, Canada Post Corporation requires that applicants must be able to lift 30 kilograms or 66 lbs.  Any Mail Carrier can tell you that during holiday season, the loads are much heavier.  As such, it is very important that you state on your resume or demonstrate that you are physically fit.  Another great place to indicate your fitness is in your cover letter, resume summary, and then reinforced this message in the hobbies and interests section of your letter carrier a resume.  Here is an example of a great resume  profile for a mail carrier, “Professional Mail Carrier who is responsible and physically fit.” Another great sample resume phrase:

“Professional Mail Carrier, with five years of experience. Expert knowledge of city map, fit with extensive experience dealing with a diverse public.  Physically and temperamentally fit, and responsible.”

By indicating that you are physically and mentally fit in your resume summary you will get the attention of the hiring manager and create a great first impression.

Lasting Impressions

Reinforce this message that you are health and fit in the hobbies and interests section in your mail carrier resume.  This is a great place to mention that you lead an active lifestyle, and thus a perfect candidate for this position.  In your hobbies and interests section you may list the individual and team sports that you participate in.  An applicant who can demonstrate that they are a physically fit and active person will show the employer that they are well suited to the job.  This is definitely the kind of applicant that employers such as Canada post, and U.S. Postal Service look for.

Going Postal

Did you notice in the above graph I mentioned, “Physically and temperamentally fit“.  The letter carrier position can be stressful at times.  The volume of letters, parcels, and advertisements that you have to carry can impose physical demands .  In addition to the physical requirements of the work, the letter carrier must deal with the public.  We all know that the mail carrier only delivers the message, but unfortunately, sometimes the public shoots the messenger.  So it is not only important that you know speak your physical fitness, but also your emotional fitness.  Again a great place to show this is in the hobbies intersection of your mail carrier resume.  Including hobbies such as scene sports individual sports, arts, crafts, dancing, and social activity, really reinforces the message that while you have ways to manage: your stress.  In stressful positions employers focus on looking for how you manage to relax and your coping mechanism.  You can get around the stress in some jobs, it’s how you cope with it that counts.

Another way is to show that you are able to handle stressful interactions with the public is to show case your previous experience where you had to deal with the public, or provide customer service, or handle angry, upset customers.  By doing this you will demonstrate that you not only have the temperament but you have the skill sets required to deal with diverse public.

This concludes today’s article on great mail carrier resume tips.  In addition, feel free to browse sample resumes on the site for additional ideas for your mail carrier resume.  Until next time, good luck with your career in the postal services industry.