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Manufacturing Resume

Do you love working with tools and making things?  Well then a career in Manufacturing might a good choice for you.  A career in Manufacturing  allows you to work with a variety of machines, tools to make a huge variety of everyday products.  Typical working conditions are those found in machine shops, factories, etc. As mentioned, there are so many different manufacturing environments so that it allows you to a diverse set of career opportunities.

Some manufacturing professionals can work manufacturing cars, airplanes, textiles and rubber processing to name a few.  A career in manufacturing can have you almost making any product.

But before you land that great manufacturing job you must first have a great resume. Below we outline a few tips on how you can write a great cv for the manufacturing industry.


Personality Traits in Manufacturing

This is often forgotten but you must remember to highlight the personality traits that tell the employer that you are right for the job. Most manufacturing resumes I see focus solely on listing the skills and experience with tools, manufacturing processes and techniques and so forth.

But traits like integrity, reliability and attention to detail and commitment to high quality work are just as important. Ask any employer who has had to fire an employee and it is likely due to a lack of one of these traits rather than the fact that he/she does not work a certain tool.

Integrity is so important in manufacturing.  Doing what you say and saying what you do are keys to building a solid reputation.   If you act with integrity and the shop in turn acts with integrity, then your customers will learn to trust you.

Manufacturing is all about meeting production deadlines, so it is important that you are reliable.  Show an employer you are reliable by including your attendance in achievements.  For example, if you are a really dependable employee and have not taken a sick day in years then include this in your resume.  Prove to your prospective employer that you are dependable.  This is one of the best ways to prove dependability since it is easily verifiable.

Quality is King

In today’s world, quality is king.  If you make crap, that is a sure path to failure.  Employers like GM, Caterpillar, Kraft, John Deere,
Harley-Davidson rely on employees to make quality products.  By highlighting your attention to detail and commitment to quality you will show an employer that they don’t have to worry when it comes to hiring you.  A great phrase to show your commitment to quality is in your resume profile, start your resume with a blurb like, “Welder with over 7 years of experience.  Strong commitment to quality, attention to detail,…….”  To see how to write a good resume profile take a look at some of our sample resumes.


It’s All In the Details

The best way to show that you have a keen eye for details is to have a flawless resume.  By this, I mean make sure there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes.  Mistakes like this show an employer that you are not careful and you do not care about the details.  To prevent these kinds of blunders make sure you have someone else proof read your resume.  Also there is a thing called spell check – use it.

Here are a list of the jobs in most demand in the field of manufacturing:

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General Labourer
Production Supervisor
Building maintenance worker
Maintenance Supervisor
Operations Supervisor
Maintenance millwright