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Assembly Line Worker Resume Tips

Assembly Line Worker Resume Tips

In today’s article on the top about how to write a fantastic assembly line worker resume. These practical tips have been developed to help you land an assembler job with manufacturing companies such as General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Kraft, Delta Air Lines, Procter & Gamble, and so on.

Assembly line work is typically the kind of work that is low skilled in that you don’t need many, many years of schooling to get a job. Many high school graduates with no university education, new immigrants, and other low skilled workers often apply to get assembly line jobs. The result is that this kind of assembler work is highly competitive in that many people are applying for the same job. The secret to landing an assembly line job is to make your assembly line worker resume is strongest possible.

Available To Work

Make sure that you clearly state your availability to work in your assembly line worker resume or cover letter. Assembly line work is often shift work, so shifts are morning, evening, and some cases, graveyardsSo it is very important that you clearly state that you are okay with assembler shift work. A phrase like, “available to do shift work.” Or “Successfully worked evening and morning shifts” will go a long way to getting the attention of employer.

While we are on the subject of availability to work, make sure that you indicate in your assembler resume that you are available to work overtime. Over time, sometimes necessary in assembly line workSo if you have a family and you are worried that an employer will discriminate believing that you are not available to work overtime, make sure that you state, “available to work overtime.”

Wheels To Work

If you have a car, make sure that you stay that you have reliable transportation. Manufacturing plants, factories, and so forth are typically located on the outskirts of the city where buses and trains are not as frequent. It is import that you assure an employer that you have reliable transportation. If you don’t have a car, make sure that you show your track record when it comes to getting to work on timeSo even if you don’t have a car, but you are reliable, make sure you state this on your assembly line worker resume. For example, a phrase like, “recognized for best attendance” will show an employer that you always get to work on time even if you don’t have a car.

Drug And Crime Free

Most large employers in manufacturing will ask that you complete a criminal background check and drug screeningSo make sure that you indicate on your cover letter or assembler resume that you, “able to pass drug and criminal background checks.” The worst thing you can do, and I mean the absolute worst thing you can do is to try to hide a criminal record or drug issue in your assembly line worker application. If you former record or your party where there was tons of marijuana smoke or what have you, make sure that you address this in the interview and convince the employer that they have nothing to worry about. The worst thing is when you don’t mention any of this until you get caught on the test. By that time you will look like you’re trying-thing from an employer and your chances of landing that assembly line job will be zero.

Employment Gaps

Large, high-profile employers in manufacturing such as General Motors, Chrysler, American Airlines offer great pay and benefits for assembler jobsSo they can be choosy with the kind of employees they hire. These employers look for assemblers who have long work histories, with no great periods of unemploymentSo what do you do if you have been laid off and have been unemployed for a while? Well, the worst thing you can do is to lie on your assembly line worker resume. Eventually, your employer will find out and even if they find out after you’ve been hired as an assembler, you can be let go. If you have had a break in employment, is nothing you can do about this, but you can include in your cover letter what you’ve been doing during your break. Even though looking for work can be a full-time job in itself, by itself is not enough to show an employer that you take initiative. Listing things like traveling, volunteering, taking courses in your assembly line worker resume during your employment break shows a prospective employer that in addition to looking for work you took initiative to better yourself. Putting these kind of things, on your assembly line worker resume will mitigate any gaps in employment and give you the best chances of success.

Assemblers Let’s Get Physical

Lastly, it’s very important that you speak to your physical health.  Assembly-line work requires that you able to stand for long hours, push, pull, lift some weight.  So, you must show an employer that you are physically able to meet the requirements of assembler work.  Ensure that you indicate your in good physical health on your resume.  But a good place to also proven further support this claim is in your hobbies and interest area.  Make sure that you list all the individual and team sports that you play, and any hobbies that you do that’s active.  A resume that shows, “bowling, soccer, kayaking,” under the hobbies section demonstrates that this candidate stays fit and can do the job of an assembler.

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