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Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

In a today’s article, we will talk about what makes a great resume in the field of marketing. We will review the items that employers look for but are often overlooked in marketing resumes.  The suggestions contained in this article apply to the core job skills shared in many marketing jobs such as from marketing manager, corporate communications manager, marketing analyst, public relations, director of marketing, marketing coordinator, and so forth.

Internet Marketing

I have seen many marketing resumes and have worked with many marketing professionals.  Unfortunately many marketers, public relations people do not speak to their internet marketing knowledge and experience enough.  In today’s world, the Internet and Internet marketing has become increasingly important and employers are still saddled with an old school marketing department that only feels comfortable with print ads.  As such, employers are very interested in applicants with Internet marketing skills and experience.    So make sure that you include in your marketing manager resume previous work experience related online marketing.  Describe your experience or knowledge of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing campaigns, linking strategies, and so on.  By using online marketing terms in your marketing resume, you will get the attention of the hiring manager.

Measure Your Marketing Success

This next one, I really find a little surprising, but I have seen many marketing resumes that do not quantify the results achieved.  Highlight the successful marketing or public relations results that you have in your marketing career.  By doing this, you will demonstrate to the employer that you can get things done.   A strong results and accomplishments section in your marketing resume provides employer assurance that money invested in marketing campaigns and programs will provide a good return on investment.       Here are some example marketing resume phrases, “improve brand recognition by 15%” Or perhaps “increased website traffic by 65%”. Quantifying your results is very important in proving that you have what it takes to be successful in the job.  For example, “Launched the e-mail marketing campaign and  improved conversion rates and by 15%.”

Marketing Software

Many marketing resumes that I have seen to not include knowledge of software programs and tools that are used in the field of marketing and design.   For example, experience as photo editing software and design software is a valuable asset to most employers.  This is a particularly important requirement especially for small to medium-sized employers for both the marketing manager and junior marketing positions such as marketing coordinator or marketing analysts.  Your marketing resume will benefit if you can show that you can use programs such as In Design, Adobe Photoshop, and so forth.  Employers know that having a marketing coordinator with these skill sets means that they do not have to send the image to a contractor each time they need to make a small change to an image or website.

Website Experience

Marketers with experience in building and maintaining websites on their resume have an advantage.  This is particularly true for the more junior marketing positions such as marketing coordinator, marketing analysts, marketing assistants.  Even so, website management skills are also beneficial for a marketing manager resume.  Especially for small to medium employers who often do not have the resources to hire webmaster or web professional to manage the company website.  Often in these smaller shops, the marketing professional or admin person is the one who looks after the company site.  As such, this area of experience is highly sought after.   So make sure you describe your experience with website development, website design, and so on on your marketing resume.  Even if you do not have direct experience in developing the website yourself, because after all you’re applying for a marketing position and not web developer, include any web experience you have.  Including buzzwords such as Microsoft Frontpage, DreamWeaver, and so forth will go a long way in making your resume unique.  Sample resume phrases include, “collaborated with web development team, launched company website on time and budget.”