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Marketing Assistant Resume Tips

Knowledge of Marketing Tools

Often marketing assistant resumes don’t do an adequate job of highlighting skills, knowledge, and experience with industry tools. What are marketing tools? We’re talking about software, technology, etc. that professional marketers use. Tools like e-mail marketing software such as a WEBER, vertical response, and constant contact. Showing that you are familiar with these tools is a great asset.

Internet marketing online is massive! We all know how powerful these tools on the Internet can be. Showing an employer that you have knowledge of Internet marketing concepts such as SEO or search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, Internet marketing campaigns, social network marketing is a tremendous asset. Especially if the boss is not knowledgeable in new media marketing, Internet and online business skills become invaluable. And if the employers are using e-mail marketing or if they are 80 are quite familiar with SEM then by showing them you have the skills you will demonstrate your ability to fit in quickly.

I’m not trying to harp on the Internet angle but you do need to mention experience with media and Web skills such as Photoshop, HTML, flash, CSS, in design, front page, and so on. Why is this important? In this job you will be the doer, since it is a junior position. This means you will work and do all the heavy lifting under the direction of a more experienced senior marketing professional. As such you will be the one making edits, marking up ads, formatting images, for your boss. Your boss will be the one at the more strategic level directing you to do the work. I know it’s not fair but that’s how it works. So an employee who also knows how to edit images manipulate images and photos for ads, and knows a bit about web development certainly has the edge over an applicant who doesn’t.

People Skills

We’ve been talking a lot about technical skills hard skills related to the role of marketing assistant. Now let’s talk about some of the soft skills required for success in this type of job. Remember this job works under the direction of senior professionals and managers. Therefore traits like the ability to take direction, the ability to learn things quickly, and take criticism is just as important as creativity. As a junior assistant, you carry the bags and need to show that where you lack in experience you will make up for with coach ability, enthusiasm, and effort.

How do you show the above traits to an employer? How can you learn how to write a great marketing assistant resume that shows your quick learner? Quite easy in fact here’s how you do it. Showing the employer your grades or GPA, provided that your grades and GPA are pretty decent. By doing this you will show that you can learn things quickly. This is a great strategy to use for junior marketing professionals with little or no work experience but one of shown employer that they can learn things quickly. The other way simply is to indicate and give examples of where you learn things quickly. For example if there was something in your past work experience for instance a part-time job during university or college where you had to learn something very quickly, be it software, procedures, and so forth.

Show the Employer Knowledge of the Industry

Marketing assistants work in many many industries. There are assistant jobs in telecommunications companies, retail, or independent firms. It’s important that you show the employer that you have a passion and knowledge if not familiarity with the specific industry. For example if you are applying for an assistant job in a nonprofits’ company, you need to show your knowledge and passion for helping out the community and the non-profit sector.

Showing the employer that you have knowledge about their industry means you will have to tailor your resume or customize your resume for specific employer. By customizing your resume and showing a marketing manager that you have knowledge experience in their industry your resume will be noticed.