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Marketing Director Resume

Director Of Marketing Resume Tips

Today we look at a few tips on how to write a great resume for are director of marketing.  The marketing director resume should be focused on higher-level, strategic level, and so forth.  All too often I see marketing director resumes that simply regurgitate their job responsibilities.  Inserting your Marketing Director job description is not the best use of the space on your resume.  After all, the employer hiring knows what a marketing director does.  Instead, focus on the higher-level in your Marketing Director resume.  Showcase your ability to develop and implement marketing strategies for the department.  In addition quantify the successful results of your strategy.

Political Savvy

Successful marketing directors know how to establish and build positive work relationships with other departments.  Make sure your director of marketing resume includes specific examples of projects, and initiatives where you had to collaborate with other departments and directors.  Make sure you describe the successful results that you achieve on these interdepartmental programs

A great way to really highlight your ability to build positive relationships with other departments and achieve success is to make sure that you give context to the projects where you worked with other departments.  An example of this is to describe the number of people on the project, or the number of departments and so forth.  Here is a great eight here’s a great resume.  Here’s a great sample resume phrase for a marketing director resume to demonstrate your ability to collaborate and build relationships.  For example, “Collaborated with over a 10 departments to successfully implement you marketing plan”.  You see it’s not that hard really to write an effective phrase to show you are a team player.  Here’s another example of great resume phrase for a  marketing resume, “Presented you marketing strategy to executives, secured commitments and support.”.

Education And Associations

The education section for a marketing directors resume, typically hold at least a bachelors degree.  Most applicants hold a bachelor degree in business administration, commerce, marketing, and so forth.  In addition, we see more and more applicants with a Masters degree in business administration, or MBA, often with a focus in marketing.

What I don’t see enough of that I think really helps to make your marketing director resume stand out is the extras.   By extras, I mean professional associations and speaking engagements and publications.  In marketing director resume list memberships not only marketing associations, but also specific industry associations.   Associations, publications and speaking engagements in your marketing director resume really show an employer that you are connected with other professionals in the industry.  Speaking engagements also show that you are good thinking on your feet and it demonstrates expertise in your area.  Lastly any publications that you have are also adds credibility to add on your resume.  If you don’t have any publications consider submitting some articles to your local marketing association publications.

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