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Mike Reno Get’s Gold Medal for Fitting Into Red Leather Pants

Loverboy at GM Place 2010 Olympic Medal Ceremony

On Feb 21, Sunday at GM Place, Loverboy along with Trooper will be providing entertainment during the 2010 Olympic medal ceremonies.  Yes, Loverboy with Mike Reno in concert here in Vancouver at Canada Hockey Place.

If you have not seen Mike Reno recently, don’t feel bad.  It’s been a while so let me get you up to speed on Mike.  Below is a vintage video from Loverboy back in their prime in the 80’s, “Everbody’s Working for the Weekend”. Take a moment to admire the thin guy in the skin tight red leather outfit.

I now present the new old Mike Reno, courtesy of a 2006 clip from the Mike Bullard show.

Based on the comparison of the two clips above, you have no doubt deducted what 20 plus years can do to an aging rock star. Since the clip is from 2006, you have further extrapolated how an additional 4 years could impact our friend MikeSo I suppose it would be no surprise if I attached another photo to get your eyes ready for Mike this Sunday at GM Place or as it is now known, Canada Hockey Place (located in downtown Vancouver).

For safety reasons, as I wouldn’t want you to pull a muscle when you lay your eyes on Mike Reno’s tight red leather pants.  And as far as I am concerned, he should get a gold medal if he can get into those leather pants.

Okay, now that you have been warmed up, let’s go put on those acid wash jeans and mousse up the hair do. After all, it is Friday and I am working for the weekend.