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Policing Jobs

If you are interested in a career in policing and law enforcement, here is an article that might interest you.

The RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police have implemented an accelerated hiring process.  The faster process reduces the time to hire from 333 days to 83 days.  If you are an applicant, this is good news since previously applicants had to wait almost a year while they go through extensive background investigations, physicals and so forth.  With the former process, many applicants got frurstrated and may have even moved on.

From an HR view, it is a common fact that talented candidates are always the first hired.  So while increased rigor in theory may decrease the chances of a bad hire, the other side is that it often lengthens the hiring process which is leaves less competitive candidates (since the good ones don’t usually stay unemployed for long).

So it seems like a win for both the employer and the candidate.  It would be interesting to find out how this process has impacted the quality of hires.  Are these accelerated candidates doing better in training, on the job, and so forth.

Photo by cheetah100