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Priceless Job Ads

Given the title of this posting, you are probably expecting to see examples of job ads for the position of “Senor Analist” or “Vice Principle” (wait, but that might just be fun enough to justify a future post…). Unfortunately, this posting is not about funny job ads with bad spelling and grammar. Instead, the “priceless job” ads I am referring to are job ads without salary information.

As you are likely aware, most job ads do not specify salary data. A quick peruse of job boards like Careerbuilder and Monster
resume, and the interviews? Did they ask you about what salary you desire or worse what you are currently making without reciprocating with the salary info? If so, what feelings did you walk away with about this practice? Did you feel like they were trying to hold all the cards? Take a quick search for jobs and you will see the majority do not include salary info. How interested are you in applying for a job with no salary information?

Having been in corporate HR, it may be considered heresy but I think employers should consider including salary information in job ads. By this I do not mean advertising a 50 page attachment detailing the entire compensation and benefits package. But at the least provide sufficient and accurate information about the salary offered (a range, percentile, and so on). The last thing you want is to annoy talented job candidates by wasting their time and yours. The other sin is to advertise, “Generous Compensation Package” or “Competitive Salary” when it is not. By keeping silent or misleading the applicant when the compensation is not at market negatively impacts an employer brand.

Photo by Kevin H.