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Impress an Interviewer in 60 Seconds

An employer usually takes 0 to 60 seconds to screen a resume. With so many resume submissions, the task of going through a resume thoroughly one by one can become tedious and quite mundane. You want to catch an employer’s attention up front and gain their interest to make them want to exceed the 60 seconds. So how do you accomplish this task? Although a well formatted resume is important, it’s the content that makes the biggest difference. Here are some tips for a great resume:

Describe your skills, experience and knowledge up front. You want to ensure that your descriptions are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Italicize key words to stand out. Since an employer only takes 60 seconds to screen a resume, the italicized words will stand out. Again, these words should be relevant to the job posting

Avoid gaps in employment.

Describe key accomplishments for each position

Avoid copy and paste.

The biggest question you want to ask yourself before submitting a resume is, does my resume sell me? If you have to think before responding or are unsure, then you should seek a professional resume writer. There are many good resume writers available on the web. Don’t be fooled by price, cheaper or more expensive is not always better. Research a company by going to their website. If you are unsure, never hesitate to call or request additional information via email. A good writer will take the time to ensure your resume is not just a template, but customized to fit your needs.