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Restaurant Manager and Food Service Supervisor Resume Tips

Serving Up A Fantastic Restaurant Manager Resume

Restaurant Managers work in restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels and so forth. They wear many hats because their  prime role is to overlook the entire operations, this means that they plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations.  They are responsible for a diverse set of responsibilities such as hiring and training staff, planning menus, controlling food costs and promotions.

To do all of the above successfully you need the following traits which should be highlighted in your resume: customer service orientation and focus, ability to lead staff, create an establishment that delivers excellent service, financial acumen to monitor revenue and costs, ability to work in a fast pace environment and stay calm under fire and so forth. Also give examples of where you used this traits to achieve success, perhaps you reduced food costs by selecting and negotiating with food suppliers.  Or perhaps you planned a menu or created flyers and ads that resulted in an increase in sales.

Mention awards and recognition your Restaurant earned under your management.  For example, you had a positive food review in a newspaper or magazine.  Or even the fact that you got your business in magazines, newspapers and so forth can show your ability to establish relationships with media and bring exposure to your restaurant.  But don’t limit yourself to just formal awards and recognition.  For example, include work achievements where you may not have received an award like a letter of appreciation or commendation from head office, suppliers, customers and staff.

Again, don’t just think about your accomplishments with costs and revenues.  How about showcasing your achievements in leading your staff.  A key part of being a successful manager is leading the staff.  Mention the customer services awards earned by staff, the number of customer commendations, the decrease in complaints, decrease in staff turnover, and so forth.

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